Friday, October 31, 2008

I did pass go, I lost R200, picked up a black eye, but got the house!

I am shocked to the core, the ex did a bit of a Mitzvah for me, do you know what a Mitzvah is, well here it is: The term mitzvah is a Jeweish term to express any act of human kindness.

We had the arbitration about the house, and it went so smoothly, she didnt flinch that she was losing money, I was transparent, i didnt want to screw her out of anything, although she did look good though, I am sure this was a sneaky ploy on her behalf, woman are wily things.

So in essence, I am buying her out at a fair price, I have raised the dollars, and all's fair and fair. A huge relief and stress has been lifted, this whole house issue was like an unseen lead balloon weighing me down, keeping me tense and uptight, now I just need to pay the bond off as soon as I can, thats gonna take hard work, which I am looking forward too!

Looking forward toward the w/end, its the surf contest tomorrow, so taking it easy tonight, DVD's and pizza, Pharo has her old chooks birthday then hopefully she will pop around to loosen me up for tomorrow's event...mmm mmm!

Here's to the future with a roof over my kop.



po said...

Good news about the house! Good luck for your surf contest.

Sunrise said...

Ta Po, just got in on Monday, and contest was a blast!

DT said...

Yay!!!! I am catching up...