Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have been faced with some challenging scenarios of late, the Ex is forcing me to buy her out of our house, or alternatively sell the whole thing, lock stock. I have frantically been getting evaluations, chatting to my pvt banker about bonds etc, crazy. Added to these woes, I am hating, let me emphasize, HATING work at the moment. I am being asked to perform duties, and not given the tools, resources, personall or info to do the job, and then chastised in front of crowds for not knowing where/what to do, I could scream.

Nevertheless, this too shall pass - I hope!

Dbn, is in a quiver of excitement for the currie cup final, the bulls fans are starting to drink their way into town, and when that happens things get messy, very messy! Last time, some Bulls fans put a herd of bouncers into hospital, it was gnarly...

Here's looking forward to the weekend and the end of the year.



DT said...

That is crap - it is like to worst time to sell a house. Is she aware how much money you will both loose if you sell now?
Then again, I am sure you would like to finally see an end to all this ugly stuff with her!
Good luck with the job, hopefully you you will be able to grin and bear it for a while longer ;-)

Sunrise said...

Yes, she is, I am super bummed, because I have worked so hard to get it where it is. Although I am trying hard to buy her share, then its all miiiinnnneeee, my precsiouse!

I am grinning so hard, I am cracking teeth. You ok?

DT said...

I too have a beautiful grin / growl plastered on my face! But at least I am almost out!
That would be awesome if you can get the house for yourself! Good luck, make her a deal where she will look like an ass if she refuses!

po said...

Sorry about the crap situation at work, and the crap situation about the house!

I just clicked as to the name of your blog, how classic! We always called it "Johhnys" even though it was always Sunrise when I was there. What a place, those rotis could cause constipation for a week!

Sunrise said...

DT: I know, I love my house, I suits me, no worries, I am working on making it mine. "Almost out", good for you, be yourself, and people will love you for you, I am doing this now, and personally I am feeling pretty good!

PO: Hell yeah, those bad boys can clog you up, called my blog that because I surf so early in the morning, every morning, and I used to hit Johnnys in my clubbing days, now I after a big night I spend a cultured after piss up meal at spiga, at about 2am...FUN FUN FUN!

I think whats important, is that the trial and tribulations that we go through make us appreciate the good times, we forget this and need to be reminded from time to time!