Friday, October 31, 2008

I did pass go, I lost R200, picked up a black eye, but got the house!

I am shocked to the core, the ex did a bit of a Mitzvah for me, do you know what a Mitzvah is, well here it is: The term mitzvah is a Jeweish term to express any act of human kindness.

We had the arbitration about the house, and it went so smoothly, she didnt flinch that she was losing money, I was transparent, i didnt want to screw her out of anything, although she did look good though, I am sure this was a sneaky ploy on her behalf, woman are wily things.

So in essence, I am buying her out at a fair price, I have raised the dollars, and all's fair and fair. A huge relief and stress has been lifted, this whole house issue was like an unseen lead balloon weighing me down, keeping me tense and uptight, now I just need to pay the bond off as soon as I can, thats gonna take hard work, which I am looking forward too!

Looking forward toward the w/end, its the surf contest tomorrow, so taking it easy tonight, DVD's and pizza, Pharo has her old chooks birthday then hopefully she will pop around to loosen me up for tomorrow's event...mmm mmm!

Here's to the future with a roof over my kop.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cause and Effect

Ishikawa diagram (is this German or Japanese?), in fishbone shape, showing factors of men, machines (surfboard), milieu (workplace) - (Collegue's head), materiel (other shit that pisses you off), methods (generally anything that opens its mouth and say stupid things), measurement (I dunno...), all affecting the overall problem (ME). Smaller arrows connect the sub-causes to major causes.

The issue of cause and effect has been on mind today, I went Surfing before work this morning and whislt enjoying a good session of saltwater and chatting to mates in the water, although during the course of the session, my board hit me square in the face, like a sledghammer I was knocked down, down to china town. Like the beatdown I got from the ex, I now have another shiner. So here's my question, what did I do my board, to want to whack me in my head, although post the beating, I was in a foul mood, my head was pounding, and due to this I almost chewed the head off the random office collegue that saunters into my office every 2 seconds to "chat", FUCK that guy irritates me!

Cause - nothing to poor ol' surfboard
Effect - headache, headless collegue, grumpy me

Lets hope that today gets better...

On the other hand, I am surfing in surfing contest this weekend, looking forward to that shit, there are some pretty good competitors entering, so its going to be a challenging affair, one that I am keen to do well in! Pharo is going to come down and support, does this make us official now? MMMM dont really want to think about that, its going to well to get into the details.

Wednesdays suck - they nowhere...


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stimulated to the MAX

Stimulation, its something that I lacking right now, in a whole bunch of spheres in my life:

Working life
Sociol Life
Family Life

It sounds terrible, although it might be the time of year, I feel like I need a freaking break, the kind where you are NOT permitted to think, just eat, sleep and some sort of exercise (preferably in or near the sea).

I am just saying, sometimes you just get bored, bored, bored!

So in I am trying the following:

Joined a beach training programme - run/swim/run - do GI Jane like push-ups and shit on the beach, run/swim/run AGAIN - more GI Jane like crunches - run/swim/run AGAIN, AAAGGGHHHHH, I collapse at this stage, feign an excuse to the lean hunting dog bodies that I exercising with, and high tail it home! But the point is that its different. I am tryin things different...I just wish i could influence my Family life, its so messed up, what with divorve an' all, so that will be my next mission, trying to hang with the Fam stress free, if thats possible.

Work is kinda sorted (next year), have to hang tight till then...Sociolly, I just going to slow down for November, see more fliks, spend time with Pharo, exercise my body more, not my arm.

Lets see how long this lasts.


P.S. Meeting the ex on Friday morning in arbitration about the house, this is going to interesting!

Monday, October 27, 2008

How I behaved, like a drunk raving lunatic!

Friday night started with a very awkward situation, I get to pick up the Ex dropping inappropriate comments and her mate at the airport, as they needed to crash at my spot, as they were going on super dodgy cruise ship The Melody for a cruise to "nowhere", I mean who the hell would want to go on a South African rust bucket, with shitty food, crazy seas to nowhere, no destination to look forward, just rolling ship, geriatric passengers and 12 screaming girl mates. Hell not me!

I just wanted to be polite, let them stay, but to be honest I couldn’t wait to see the back of them. When you see someone that you used to be with ages ago, and then see them again, you know immediately why the relationship ended and the reasons, I could not be with her in this stage of my life, I am a completely different person. What shocked me though was how racist she was, I don’t even think that she realizes, but I was shocked! We did dinner at Spiga, went out for a few drinks and then went home exhausted, I dropped them off early the next morning, and I was really glad to drive away.

What it did do though is emphasize what a good girl Pharo is, she chatted away with the Ex, and she made a potentially fucked night, quite pleasant - what a cracker.

Saturday was all about THE GAME, we got ready, got to the stadium early, I had awesome seats, right behind the players, almost on the field. Myself and pharo swigged beer and bantered with the crowd and got shitfaced at One Stop Bar/nighclub/rugger bugger jol, was a blast. One of my mates managed to talk a hot bulls supporter chick to let us stick sharks stickers on her boobs, man that was funny, this Bulls chick flashing okes with sharks stickers on her nipples, I am super proud of that amazing skill. We didn’t have a car, I don’t even remember getting dragged of the dance floor, we hitched to Billy's and then I dunno how I ended up with half pizza in my face at Spige, but I did and it was the best pizza EVER!

Sunday morning was a day of feeling like bad case of dinglberries, I hung so HARD, so Pharo and I went to Umdloti and swam in the sea whilst the wind blew the hardest since man first walked the earth, but that kinda cleared my head for we had a long boozy lunch at Beanbag, where more and more mates feeling the same way rocked up, we got there at 11 and left at 5pm, NICE! slow drive home and then MASSIVE chill session on the couch.

I need to hang up my drinking boots, I am forcing myself to training tonight, its time to get fit...crap, I hat that word.


Friday, October 24, 2008

What I dont need tonight

I swear life doesn’t get any fucking easier!

So I forgot ages ago that one of my Varsity Ex's phoned up and asked if she could crash the night (tonight), as she is going on a cruise tomorrow. I completely forgot about it, remembering only after I get a text reminding me, and then I had to break the news to Pharo, that she will be meeting another Ex (cool one albeit), the poor little trooper, she must think that I have one in every nook and cranny.

I have been totally transparent to Pharo, explaining the situation, she has been so cool. "That's awesome that you guys are mates", "Yeah, let’s do dinner" etc.

I have invited a common mate along for dinner, so dinner tonight will be: Me, Pharo, Varsity Ex, and Big Red. Since my most recent Ex, I have become fucked out paranoid of chicks going nuts...Its going to be cool to catch up, enjoy some fine dining, I hope I don’t bump into the recent ex, and she see's all this, she will fucking PLUTZ HERSELF! HA HA, Imagine that... 1 current, 1 Ex and Me, she will shit her pants, and probably add another 50% to the amount that she wants for the house!

Good luck the Sharks, eat those Bulls Pussies!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its a war out there, you gotta fight it with a smile on your dial!

Valuations on my abode have been carried out, private bankers are doing their homework, and offers to the Ex are being formulated, I sincerely hope this goes down with no drama, its not necessary, but knowing the Ex, she is so keen to put in the screws on me. She sent me text messages last night that she is sending in her family friend to take back all the gifts that she gave me (1 x patio table, and other bric a brac), I mean how petty do you want to get, to be honest, I don’t give a shit, she must take all that crap, I don’t want to owe her anything. She still feels vindicated against that I have met someone new (lets not forget, so has she), because her whole life, her folks have treated her like a little princess, and she has gotten away with everything, that she feels seriously jilted that I called her bluff, moved on, and met someone else, that I am not pining away like she wants me too. FUCK THAT!

Her brother was sending me text messages saying that he is going to beat me up yadda yadda, WTF is that about, in reality I would clean the floor with that fucker!

AGGGHHH, the good life huh, and through all this, I don’t want to be brought into a slinging match, even after I have been attacked by the drunken ex, heard terrible rumors etc, I don’t want to stoop to any level, and I am not accepting all this lying down, I really don’t care, what she says and does, because the more she does the sillier she looks! I am taking steps, to acquire the house, this is the last emotional attachment she has left to manipulate me with, once it’s done, it will all be over.

The weird thing is that I am feeling quite positive about life in general! Weird huh, and these are the reasons:

1)I received a great offer for next year.
2)Pharo, is the coolest gal, and is positive and well, yeah, I am happy.
3)I have given up trying to compete against the wall's at my current job, I realize that I don’t want to be here, so I am happy to find resolve in point 1.
4)I am going to buy a Ford Ranger, the most manly car in the world, now I can transport my dirt bike and surfboard around, gawd, I will look so manly, I should buy a staffie just to complement that picture!
5)I really believe that the Sharks are going to win on Sat, but I don’t really care that much, its just good to have a town full of people, having a good time.
6)There is some good surf in town.

Yup, that’s about it... C'est la vie, thats life I suppose.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have been faced with some challenging scenarios of late, the Ex is forcing me to buy her out of our house, or alternatively sell the whole thing, lock stock. I have frantically been getting evaluations, chatting to my pvt banker about bonds etc, crazy. Added to these woes, I am hating, let me emphasize, HATING work at the moment. I am being asked to perform duties, and not given the tools, resources, personall or info to do the job, and then chastised in front of crowds for not knowing where/what to do, I could scream.

Nevertheless, this too shall pass - I hope!

Dbn, is in a quiver of excitement for the currie cup final, the bulls fans are starting to drink their way into town, and when that happens things get messy, very messy! Last time, some Bulls fans put a herd of bouncers into hospital, it was gnarly...

Here's looking forward to the weekend and the end of the year.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The funniest indecisive weekend ever!

Pharo and I are hanging out on the beach, lying propped up on a grass bank that leads onto the beach, chatting, reading the paper, just enjoying the sun on our backs, I saw this mangy (but loved) dog walking with his owner, it had a gammy leg, and was limping so badly that it was half falling over, I mentally said "Shame". As it started limping down the bank following its owner, its limp started teetering further and further over, Pharo hadn’t seen the limping dog, as she was banging her gums, when momentum took over the dog plunged down the hill, bounced on a grassy knoll, and landed squarely on Pharo in mid sentence, she screamed her tits off, the dog was doing the dying cockroach dance on Pharos stomach, I couldn’t believe this was going down, the dogs owner was sprinting towards us. HELL! The owner wrenched the dog off Pharo, apologizing the whole time, informing us that the dog had a stroke and half its body was paralyzed, Pharo and I were just laughing so hard. I mean imagine chilling and this huge hairball falls from the sky and lands on you! TOO FUNNY, we giggled the whole day.

Post dog episode we had long chatty lunch at the new Beanbag Bohemia at Umdloti, sweet melons, it has the best, food I have ever tasted, we had an enchanting meal, when one of the Ex's dick mates walked in and gave me the big hairy, I mean, what the hell does a guys want to give another guy the big hairy eyeball for, isnt that reserved for the domain of bitchy woman. It bothered me slightly, but not for long, I was just pissed that he dented the bubble of such a fun, tastey lunch.

Would you believe that I ended up at a strip club on Saturday night with 4 girls; girls are a nightmare in a strip club. I mean, you are there to appreciate the erotic beauty of woman, these mad ass chicks, were like crazed monkeys trying to dance with them, then getting all manic guilty for being there and then trying to empathize with the strippers plight, by asking what got them there, why do they dance (Ummmm to make a ship load of cash!), then came the question, "who does your poen waxing, its beautiful", the strippers and chicks got into a discussion of poen waxing, I have realized that strip joints are for men, and woman (bless em) need to stay away, we need to keep the respectability of strip joints! What a laugh though, the girls who were so shy to enter, then got thrown out for being to wild, crazy!

Indecisive, crazy woman, dogs from the sky, hairy eyeballs, I experienced the works this weekend....


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Even though its monsoon season in Dirtbin and my washing is piling up like a whores handbag, it still so cool to fall asleep to rain falling, but ahem, ahem, enough is fucking enough, let the sun come out and the bikini clad bod's grace our fine East Coast biatch's, sorry I mean beaches.

what does sun mean, it means braai's and all the fun that ensues whilst getting sunburnt cooking cows, mmm mmmm

Therefore it is important to refresh your memory on the etiquette of this sublime outdoor cooking activity, as it's the only type of cooking that a 'real' man will do, probably because there is an element of danger involved.

When a man volunteers to do the Braai the following chain of events are put into motion:

(1) The woman buys the food.
(2) The woman makes the salad, prepares the vegetables, and makes dessert.
(3) The woman prepares the meat for cooking, places it on a tray along with the necessary cooking utensils and sauces, and takes it to the man who is lounging beside the braai - beer in hand.

Here comes the important part:

More routine....
(5) The woman goes inside to organise the plates and cutlery.
(6) The woman comes out to tell the man that the meat is burning. He thanks her and asks if she will bring another drink while he deals with the situation.

Important again:

More routine....
(8) The woman prepares the plates, salad, bread, utensils, serviettes,sauces, and brings them to the table.
(9) After eating, the woman clears the table and does the dishes.

And most important of all:
(10) Everyone PRAISESthe MANand THANKS HIMfor his cooking efforts.
(11) The man asks the woman how she enjoyed "her night off." And, upon seeing her annoyed reaction, concludes that there's just no pleasing some women....

Just a reminder...havea cool w/end!

A dialogue that I have been having with some friends, check out this smacK:

A couple of issues have come to light with a common root. This Luke Watson thing is has really gotten under my skin. Not because he’s a dick, but in the way he’s responded. And it brings to light a typically South African trait, and that is that there is zero accountability for anyone’s actions:

Case in point – Luke Watson…

He said some inflammatory and racist statements, which were then reported in the national papers.

(For those who don’t know said SA rugby was run by Dutchmen, and he wanted to puke on the Springbok Jearsey.)

No apology given, instead he blames “certain powers” of using the statement for their own gain. (Gotta love “certain powers”. Those certain powers really seem to be active when ever anyone does something wrong…)

The problem is not that he said it. (Well actually it is, but that’s another whole point)

The problem is that he doesn’t apologize nor retract his statement (Take accountability) but rather say that his comments were released with the intention of discrediting him. (Obviously idiot, that was the point). Rather than deny what was said, say that it its being reported by people with nefarious intent, which somehow makes it not as bad… ????

Then treaten threaten legal action against those who leaked it to the press. (Standard response in SA. A little FYI regarding suing the media - Last count JZ was in legal proceedings with multiple newspapers and reporters in SA, with a total of R100,000,000 being claimed in total. (Including R2,000,000 + R3,000,000 against Bullard, but excluding Thabo who though he said he’d sue, he never did… yet))

It shows a distinct lack of responsibility and the most important element missing in SA – Accountability.

Nobody in SA is accountable for any action. If you don’t do your job, can’t get fired. Say something slanderous, you were misquoted.

You drive drunk and get caught – have to be found guilty in court, and then appeal the decision till 2011, by which time its all over.

Minister corruptly get her drivers license (FRAUD) – then gets promoted in Government.

Guilty of corruption – do not deny that you guilty, but that they found out about the corruption illegally which was against your constitutional right to a fair trial. (Why doesn you trial have to be fair if you are guilty.

Try to influence the highest court of the land – Sue them for saying so. (Judge Hlope is asking R10 Million by accusing our highest Judges of slander)

No accountability. Nobody resigns because you cannot fire anyone. Suspension with full pay. (That’s the best). Or if it goes to court the government pays your legal bills (Read JZ, McBride, Jackie Selebi, Thabo, Winnie), so obviously you get the best legal team in the world. (ex Judge Heath (of famous Heath Commission probing the arms deal) is part of the legal council that is defending JZ)

And Luke is no different. Say something racist (Dutchmen) and suddenly anyone who says so, misquoted you? How do you misquote that? Any context is bad. (Remember the guy who used the “k” word in a press conference and said it was taken out of context, (HOW I’M NOT SURE))

Maybe they should put Luke and Bakkies in a room to discuss the issue. Bakkies is not big on negotiation, and I think Lukes ass will not be big on Bakkies. (Or maybe it will be in the end)


As Leo DiCaprio states on the silver screen, “T.I.A, this is Africa”, and the actions of us Africans (Watson is also black – didn’t you know – as he was selected in the SA side as a “Quota” Player) will always be the same, no matter how much they don’t make sense. We just have to look at history to see that nothing has changed since the days of Shaka:

Shaka, (like the current incumbent SA PreZ JZ) held sway over a large portion of Southern Africa. Noted as brilliant leader (still to be seen by JZ), who still continues to cast a long shadow (showerhead) over how he governed raped, stole and murdered his people during his tenure as king (ANC President). He has been credited with the initial development of the “Buffalo Horns” (Ass raping of Mbeki) fighting formation, of which we can see plenty in our current political landscape:

The “Horns” is made up of the younger, less experienced, but quicker moving troops – Malema and his outlandish, inflammatory racist statements

The “Chest” is the central or mail force which charges into the enemy and delivers the coup de grace – JZ the bullish fraudulent oaf that swoops in to lop the head and balls off Mbeki

The “Loins” are the reserves used to exploit/reinforce where needed (often older vet’s) – The rest of gravy train, wanting to lick the balls of JZ to siphon as much dough for themselves.

Even though this is way of the topic of that ball-bag Watson, it is all political, and in Africa we have to submit to the African way, Africa has never been a civil place, case in point was big beefcake zulu dancers seen at an African themed resturant that were forced to wear homo ballet dresses for a traditional Zulu dance, freaked me out a tad – eat or be eaten. TIA as Leo would say!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Investment analyst and entrepreneur Dr. Marc Faber concluded his monthly bulletin (June 2008) with the Following:

''The federal government is sending each of us a $600 rebate. If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, the money goes to China. If we spend it on gasoline it goes to the Arabs. If we buy a computer it will go to India. If we purchase fruit and vegetables it will go to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. If we purchase a good car it will go to Germany. If we purchase useless crap it will go to Taiwan and none of it will help the American economy. The only way to keep that money here at home is to spend it on prostitutes and beer, since these are the only products still produced in US. I've been doing my part.'

How apt was that! Nothing really to report on, just a normal week, althoug I went car shopping and thinking of buying the manly Ford Ranger. Hell Yeah!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Highs, lows, flatlines and long lines, it all happened this weekend! Crikey...

So Friday night I joined Pharo, for one of her connections birthdays (The P), The P organized a hellava piss up at Moyo, a great Africa themed restaurant at Ushaka. We ate paka Zulu food, whilst quaffing away like maniacs at beer fest, much to the hallAballoo of our neighboring tables. The P, also paid for the entire thing, and it was his party, a good guy!

Side Story: At Moyo, a girl sitting opposite me was cold, they offer blankets at the restaurant due to its proximity to the sea, (it gets fucken cold), there was a pile of blankets next to me, so I pick one up and give it to the girl, like the gentleman that I am. Next thing I have a Jackie Chan look-alike giving me a the dubbed Chinese English beratement....I figured out, through the dubbing, that his kid was sleeping under the MOUND of blankets, and he wanted his blanket for the top of his mound of fucking blank'ies. I politely apologized and said, I thought it was JUST a pile of blankets, and I did not know that a kid was beneath it, god forbid, if one of our drunk rabble would have dived on this fluffy pile and squashed Jackie's kid....I stretched and gave him a spare blankie for his kid, he was not amused. I saw his point, he did not see my point, we agreed to disagree, but he is a wanker!

We continued on and ended up at Cubana, drinking till the cows came home, and then we ate them, cause I was fuck off hungry after all that drinking!

Saturday morning I was enjoying a peaceful sleep when I was rudely awoken to my mate waking me to go riding motorbikes (I had promised)...Shitballs it was the last thing that I felt like doing, but my word is like oak (I wish it wasn’t), I endured the morning riding, falling, eating dirt and hating life! After which I had to rush home, change and hit the rugby, where I watched the Sharks walk into the Currie Cup Finals! HELL YEAH, I got the hair of the dog off my back and swilled more beer, and was stoked not to be riding, cause even though I love it, it was crap on Saturday! The mates and I hit Rovers after to watch the Bulls game and were met by a throng of hormone induced teens spading their tits off at the sports club, whilst we were trying to watch the game. GAWD, I am so glad to be comfortable in my own skin, with my own opinions, cause those teens did not know I freakin' thing about life, except how to Pop a collar, try and drink and get laid.

I met Pharo for a cool relaxed dinner after at Panzeta, a nice gourmet pizza joint, had a relaxing chinwag about teenagers and their lack of knowledge of anything, and what the fuck is on with popped collars, its so dumb!

After that blackness, I slept so hard, I think my heart stopped. I flatlined...

On Sunday, I chilled at Suncoast beach, I didn’t want to do anything more than lie in the sun and read the paper, that’s when it happened, I saw the ex, with her new beau. I am stoked for her, and I hope she is happy; I don’t want to get back together with her. But after our last meeting where she punched me, I am nervous to approach her due to the scene she caused. So now that she is with a new guy, I hope that she can move on, and hoping that we can one day be able to chat.

So that was my weekend, Pharo is the coolest girl out, and I think things are developing, but slowly does it...


Thursday, October 9, 2008

How sushi should be eaten, how fucken sexist is this! How cool too!

Blah, blah, blah, why do we all continually complain about work... I will tell you why, because we not doing what we should be doing! Well, I am hating shit right now, I hate being an idle hand, not using my full potential, and that’s the space that I am in right now. Although the end is in sight, I need to finalize action, thoughts and get onto a path to job satisfaction and wealth, cause lets be honest besides sleeping, you spend the most time at graft, so would make sense to do something you enjoy.

I believe that kids (or me) were not warned enough about seriously choosing the correct career path for my personality. I believe that I have gone about it the best to my ability and cant believe that I earn "this much" money for doing "really" nothing. The thing is that some people might be happy carrying on with this, I get to sit in a cool office, with cool (backstabbing bitches) people, be involved in awesome events, the perceptions are amazing. I have people saying to me "I wish I had your job, it must insane" (bollocks). Although it has been a journey, I need to take another path, I need to get off this one. I think I have found the solution, although its risky, could be amazing, could open up doors that I would not have stepped through earlier, all because I think I am seeing things clearly now. My fingers are crossed for the future, can you hope for anything more?


Anyways, we had the freaking best thunderstorm in ol' dirtbin yesterday arvo, thunder, the works, and I was surfing, the waves were super fun, and the rain was belting down. Makes you feel alive, makes you want to scream out loud, I almost did, but it was quite crowded and I didn’t want peeps to think I was drowning or something...

After cruising back home, myself and Pharo went to a sushi making class, gawd I was hungry and Shaun the sushi guy was babbling on about the origins of Sushi (it started in China, and not Japan - HUH!), and all I wanted to do was chew off the fuckers face I was so rav, I almost did, until Shaun gave me a cucumber to chop, I chopped shit, I ate that bad boy (or some and chopped some). Pharo and I, sushi'd ourselves to death, making and eating. Was fun, except for the sexual references Shaun'o was delivering like a AK47, which had all the woman (I was only one of two men there) in stacks of giggles, whenever Shaun said, "now keep it wet" and "dip it in and out", half the woman, NO ALL the woman there needed to get laid super bad!

At least its Friday, no one has given me my 10 000 000 dollars, but hey, I am holding out...


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The school themed piss up, some of the good time peeps that I beat down with my fake balls...

I have been lazy again, this I admit, although I have been concentrating on me, letting go of the crap, and I think with the help of Pharo the perpetual fog might be lifting.

About 3 weeks ago I met Pharo, a vivacious monster that has lifted me from a sadness that I didn’t know I was walking around with. I have always been a naughty happy fucker, although in the last 2 years, I slipped into a slump and didn’t even know it. Now that I see I have been a dreadful bore, and need to get back to ME, I can work on this and Pharo has been a huge help. Also great fun hanging out with Pharo...

Over the weekend (and its almost the new one??), I went to a school theme dress up party, this is a fact, its been proven by science, chicks look so fucking hot in school uniforms, it might be the catholic school girl fantasy, it might be titillating pedophilic (in a good way), it might be the reminiscence of your first bungled sexual exploits. I dunno its just super hot seeing 20something girls running around in short skirts, pony tails and school blazers. I did a whole lotta dancing in kortbroek rugby shorts, with my fake nuts hanging out the side, now that was sexy, hell I had all these pubescent old schoolbiatch's trying to fondle em - it was great!! AAGGHH the good old' days, where smooching and boob fondling was all the rage!

So remember that cripple guy that made me realize to suck it up and get over myself, well I have been lifting him to work, and he is a bank teller at Std Bank, and a hellave good guy, clever as shit and I don’t think he should just be a teller. I have a stutter, so we kinda have an understanding what its like to have disability. His is far greater, and I admire that so much. It feels good to help this guy, not that he needs my help, he is quite capable, but it’s nice to help anyway.

On the body front, I woke up last night with shooting pains down my back, I almost couldn’t drive it was so painful. I was swearing all the way to work like a freakin' trooper, cause every time I moved my head, pain would blind my eyeballs! I went to the chiro, and the mac daddy told me all my ribs were out of whack, and the guy judo chopped my back right back into whack, ta doc, but that was FUCKING painful dipshit!

So keen for the weekend, so keen to hang on the beach, so keen to be given 10 000 0000 dollars so that I can do fuck all for the rest of my life. Who knows might happen...


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another unbelievable dinner last night, who thought that WTD could make beans taste so good, and the fun releasing them from your bowels...had a cool chat to WTD and was not too impressed with her new BF ordering her around the kitchen, telling her he wants this and he wants that, but she seems to be all loved up and stoked. So let’s not rock that boat.

This morning when driving to work, I saw a cripple dude, crutching his way to work; I stopped and asked if he needed a ride. The guys had the hugest smile on his face, and said; "Nah, its cool, I am almost there". WOW, the guy just crutched to work and he is freaking happy as a pig in shit, perspective, that gave me a heap.

I need to get over my ridiculous, Poor Sunrise, I have it so damn hard, and get on with my fucking life of enjoying my mates, making moola and enjoying making it.

So good to be woken up from dead mans sleep, by a smiling dude crutching his way to work!


P.S. Thanks DT, ha ha look at me no hands!!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Its been a week or so since the incident and the coast seems clear, although I fear a flare up.

On the other hand, its amazing how good food makes me so damn happy, last night I said screw the poor, and went to Woolies and bought the ingredients for the best steak dinner in the world. I am still salivating at my prowess in creating a meal not even the best resturant could better.

Mid week blues are setting in, I need more sleep and I am off to "Walk the Dog's" (WTD) house for another home made dinner tonight, just to talk some poo with WTD will be cool, love that biatch, she tells it like it is, we have similar issues so can blab about them and not feel bad about boring each other.

Summer is coming, mmm mmm mmm