Friday, October 24, 2008

What I dont need tonight

I swear life doesn’t get any fucking easier!

So I forgot ages ago that one of my Varsity Ex's phoned up and asked if she could crash the night (tonight), as she is going on a cruise tomorrow. I completely forgot about it, remembering only after I get a text reminding me, and then I had to break the news to Pharo, that she will be meeting another Ex (cool one albeit), the poor little trooper, she must think that I have one in every nook and cranny.

I have been totally transparent to Pharo, explaining the situation, she has been so cool. "That's awesome that you guys are mates", "Yeah, let’s do dinner" etc.

I have invited a common mate along for dinner, so dinner tonight will be: Me, Pharo, Varsity Ex, and Big Red. Since my most recent Ex, I have become fucked out paranoid of chicks going nuts...Its going to be cool to catch up, enjoy some fine dining, I hope I don’t bump into the recent ex, and she see's all this, she will fucking PLUTZ HERSELF! HA HA, Imagine that... 1 current, 1 Ex and Me, she will shit her pants, and probably add another 50% to the amount that she wants for the house!

Good luck the Sharks, eat those Bulls Pussies!



po said...

What a complicated situation, eish. Life can get messy, huh?

DT said...

Dude - now you are bordering on asking for trouble! I hope all goes well! Have a good one!

Sunrise said...

All went well, with the Ex and Pharo, actaully having a good ol' chinwag, was a relief knowing that not all things need to be weird.