Thursday, October 16, 2008

A dialogue that I have been having with some friends, check out this smacK:

A couple of issues have come to light with a common root. This Luke Watson thing is has really gotten under my skin. Not because he’s a dick, but in the way he’s responded. And it brings to light a typically South African trait, and that is that there is zero accountability for anyone’s actions:

Case in point – Luke Watson…

He said some inflammatory and racist statements, which were then reported in the national papers.

(For those who don’t know said SA rugby was run by Dutchmen, and he wanted to puke on the Springbok Jearsey.)

No apology given, instead he blames “certain powers” of using the statement for their own gain. (Gotta love “certain powers”. Those certain powers really seem to be active when ever anyone does something wrong…)

The problem is not that he said it. (Well actually it is, but that’s another whole point)

The problem is that he doesn’t apologize nor retract his statement (Take accountability) but rather say that his comments were released with the intention of discrediting him. (Obviously idiot, that was the point). Rather than deny what was said, say that it its being reported by people with nefarious intent, which somehow makes it not as bad… ????

Then treaten threaten legal action against those who leaked it to the press. (Standard response in SA. A little FYI regarding suing the media - Last count JZ was in legal proceedings with multiple newspapers and reporters in SA, with a total of R100,000,000 being claimed in total. (Including R2,000,000 + R3,000,000 against Bullard, but excluding Thabo who though he said he’d sue, he never did… yet))

It shows a distinct lack of responsibility and the most important element missing in SA – Accountability.

Nobody in SA is accountable for any action. If you don’t do your job, can’t get fired. Say something slanderous, you were misquoted.

You drive drunk and get caught – have to be found guilty in court, and then appeal the decision till 2011, by which time its all over.

Minister corruptly get her drivers license (FRAUD) – then gets promoted in Government.

Guilty of corruption – do not deny that you guilty, but that they found out about the corruption illegally which was against your constitutional right to a fair trial. (Why doesn you trial have to be fair if you are guilty.

Try to influence the highest court of the land – Sue them for saying so. (Judge Hlope is asking R10 Million by accusing our highest Judges of slander)

No accountability. Nobody resigns because you cannot fire anyone. Suspension with full pay. (That’s the best). Or if it goes to court the government pays your legal bills (Read JZ, McBride, Jackie Selebi, Thabo, Winnie), so obviously you get the best legal team in the world. (ex Judge Heath (of famous Heath Commission probing the arms deal) is part of the legal council that is defending JZ)

And Luke is no different. Say something racist (Dutchmen) and suddenly anyone who says so, misquoted you? How do you misquote that? Any context is bad. (Remember the guy who used the “k” word in a press conference and said it was taken out of context, (HOW I’M NOT SURE))

Maybe they should put Luke and Bakkies in a room to discuss the issue. Bakkies is not big on negotiation, and I think Lukes ass will not be big on Bakkies. (Or maybe it will be in the end)


As Leo DiCaprio states on the silver screen, “T.I.A, this is Africa”, and the actions of us Africans (Watson is also black – didn’t you know – as he was selected in the SA side as a “Quota” Player) will always be the same, no matter how much they don’t make sense. We just have to look at history to see that nothing has changed since the days of Shaka:

Shaka, (like the current incumbent SA PreZ JZ) held sway over a large portion of Southern Africa. Noted as brilliant leader (still to be seen by JZ), who still continues to cast a long shadow (showerhead) over how he governed raped, stole and murdered his people during his tenure as king (ANC President). He has been credited with the initial development of the “Buffalo Horns” (Ass raping of Mbeki) fighting formation, of which we can see plenty in our current political landscape:

The “Horns” is made up of the younger, less experienced, but quicker moving troops – Malema and his outlandish, inflammatory racist statements

The “Chest” is the central or mail force which charges into the enemy and delivers the coup de grace – JZ the bullish fraudulent oaf that swoops in to lop the head and balls off Mbeki

The “Loins” are the reserves used to exploit/reinforce where needed (often older vet’s) – The rest of gravy train, wanting to lick the balls of JZ to siphon as much dough for themselves.

Even though this is way of the topic of that ball-bag Watson, it is all political, and in Africa we have to submit to the African way, Africa has never been a civil place, case in point was big beefcake zulu dancers seen at an African themed resturant that were forced to wear homo ballet dresses for a traditional Zulu dance, freaked me out a tad – eat or be eaten. TIA as Leo would say!


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