Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have just received a new surf board from my shaper, and have been spending a lot of down time in the water Surfing and chilling in that vibe. Its the most theraputic sport in the whole world. I could wax lyrical about the feeling, blah blah, but its just better to show it.

Check out some of these images and I hope that you can feel just a smidge of what I have in the last few days!

These shots are by talented photog Brian Bielmann.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Surfing is such an amazing sport, today a competition ran in DBN called the Goodwave presented by Quiksilver. These guys wait for 11 months of the year for the best day of surfing and run a competition where one surfer who rides the best waves wins R75k, what a pleasure.

The thing that I love about this sport is the simplicity of it, the skill needed and the harmonious element of the sport with nature. Its also just cool to hang out at backline with some buddies and talk shit.

Watching SA's best surfers going mental on the best day of surfing in DBN is a pleasure! So hang five, hit the pearler curler, find the green room...cause I am at the beach today!!!!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have been reading a lot lately, and this is one passion that will never get old...Last night I found myself reading until 2am, what a cool thing to do on such a cold night!

I also chased 6 mozzies around my room, I hunted those bastards down until every one was dead. Nothing is more painful than a mozzie buzzing around your ear until, 4am! Nevertheless I am useless and tired as hell today.

Above are some books that I am into, the Freakonomics one is crazy good.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

You ca choose your friends, but not your sometimes should be the other way round!

My sisters wedding celebration on Friday night was like a scene from the Blair Witch Project, deer in the headlight in-laws, whispers of conversation, Dad's new GF being possessive about him and his pad, Mum nervously making the best of out of the situation (dealing with Dad's new GF, not the wedding), stilted speech's, and me in the middle passing around booze attempting to lubricate a positive atmosphere. In the end, my sis became a respectable woman, and she is happy, that’s the bottom line isn’t it?

Saturday, was spend driving to the Prawn Shack to celebrate a mate Bulls Party, what a ho down, I tell ya'! In some instances I wish that you can choose not to be mates with some of your wild ass drunk, funneling friends. If you ever have a chance to go to the Prawn Shack on the KZn North Coast, do it, the food is mind-blowing, so was the chili come to think of it, blew my ass off! I was way to drunk to wax lyrical about the individual flavors, but it was good. They also had these shrimp tequilas, where you pour some Tequila into a shot glass, catch a shrimp from a tank filled with swimming shrimp, throw it in your tequila and BOMBS AWAY! I had an overwhelming drunk urge to save the poor shrimp, so I tried to steal the net used to catch the shrimp, thinking that the buggers will have more of fighting chance if a boozed up hand was trying to catch em, rather than a huge net. Eventually the net was beaten off me, and then I thought about stealing the tank and releasing the little guys, eventually I ate them...

I danced late into the night, drank enough for a rugby team (Afrikaans one nog al...), spoke loads of bollocks, and acted like a right idiot. That’s the recipe for a bull’s party, isn’t it?

The long drive home the next day was not cool, damn my eyes.

What a topsy turvy weekend.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don’t you love these new age nuclear families, I mean, you have half brothers, quarter sisters, adopted guinea pigs and a hand me down dog. This is all getting to much for me. Then above it all my sister goes and does a Jerry Springer on me (bless her, its not that bad...)!

My sis, is getting married, when you hear this, you should be: Oh wow, that’s amazing! Not, choke on your food, and scream in a ghoulish manner that you are allowing bad genes to pervade your families happy little gene pond.

Ok OK, the skinny: My sister (K), is marrying RR, in a court ceremony tomorrow, I heard about this last night, she just sprung it on us. The Fam Dam, is in an uproar, trust K to do this, she is a pro at this, and it’s delicious. The perennial black sheep, I love her for that! Then she is having a piss up with her mates, we are all invited to this, but not the ceremony. Mum is having a complete meltdown, Dad and his new girlfriend are flapping, because K wants to have the piss up at the old mans place. It’s too cool, to even put into words :)

This is what families are all about, rallying around, squabbling and making the best out of every situation. I feel as though I am in some Disney holiday flick, at the end everyone hugs and there is a lesson to be learnt from all this: the sum of the parts (K, RR and the rest of the fam individuals) make the craziness that is our family!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fight the good fight!

So a relationship like most issues is based on three hoekie kookie, her side, my side and the truth!

Late Monday night, I had not called GF, as we were on our "break", I asked for the break because I cannot stand the fighting, our relationship had degenerated into constant fighting, for nothing...So she called, and we had the most constructive chat! Emotions were put aside and we went through everything honestly and maturely, it was fantastic. We both realized that we are stubborn assholes, and that the external pressures of life had influenced our relationship, because we had become lazy at working at our relationship. WOW!!!! Takes some balls to admit that!

We have subsequently given it another go, concentrating on making time for each other, as well as time for ourselves.

A mate of mine said something interesting, he told his GF when they got together, "Don’t distance your girlfriends, go to lunch, out etc.", what did she do, ...distance her mates. Why do woman do this, as soon as they hook a guy they focus all their time and energy on the chap, and don’t connect with their mates anymore. Connecting with your mates reinforces your independence, is that not why you fell for each other in the first place, because you liked the other person as they are. Now when the female (now don’t get me wrong some dudes do this too) drops her mates and attaches herself emotionally and physically to the guy, she changes, thus becoming clingy. The worst!

We all need time alone, time to remember who we are, although balancing this with your partner is the all important thing.

What I am trying to say, is that GF and I have come through this I hope stronger...our relationship was on the ropes, but the bell for the end of that round has rung and a second wind has entered, and we shall carry on the good fight!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Madness of Love!

Some of the saddest things in the world all start off with love, a whole lot of it, thats why if it ends it is sad. So you need the love to have the sadness...

This last w/end, I took GF off to a fancy hotel, dinner the whole shabang, and all we did was end up fighting, it was so bad I felt like cotching, just to do something else. My brain, felt like it was being stretched over a hot fire, and poked with barbed wire! I plan, spend all this money and it all falls apart, and the saddest part of all, no one is to blame. The relationship has just run its course, I think we still love each other, or the idea, no one has cheated, no one has lied, we just cant stop fighting, over everything. We are different people, that love each other and are killing each other emotionally.

We are on a break right now, its so fucking sad. When you fight like we have been, the emotional strain of the relationship pervades every part of your life, and its all you can think about.

I just dont want to see GF for a while, becuase I know if I do, we are just going to fight, and the worst thing in the world is that we were the happiest love struck (you want to puke on your shirt) in love! Now we just hate each other...

This sucks, cause I know that we have to break up for real, and we have to do it knowing that no one is to blame, knowing that we gave it our best shot, knowing that we have start again in the whole dating game. I think its easier when you find out your partner is screwing someone else (or something like that), so you can just hate them and tell them to piss off.

Well, this just sucks, the person I used to tremble at the thought of seeing, I dont want to be near.



Friday, April 11, 2008

Is Enuff, Enough?

So its myself and GF's 1 year anniversary, evry month we have had these cheese ball monniversaries, they have actually been very cool. Something small to do for each other, small and as I said very freaking cheezy! If my mates knew I was doing this, I would be ragged to death, but I dont care, GF is worth it.

As is said, Love is a temporary insanity, through all the ups and downs of GF and I's relationship we have finally reached the 1 year mark, and I am about to spend a gross amount of money, on a beautiful hotel, dinner, champagne and all the frilly crap that goes with this enough for her, we gonna find out????


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is something in the water?

I tell you something is in the water! As a surfer, we take chances every time we hit the sea for a session; we fend against the elements/currents/things from the deep... (Da dum da dum)/smacking into waves, sandbanks, rocks, other surfers and your own surfboard. Although the "stoke" is all worth the dangers, gliding down the wave, cutting a big turn, or getting a tube really is the best thing in the whole world. Although this weekend, some tragedies occurred, which makes you think of the dangers that we put ourselves at, for doing the things we love!

Two heavy things happened:
1) My friend ST klapped his head on his board, his board knocked him unconscious and he went under for 5 minutes (5 MINUTES!!!!!!), a fellow surfer pulled him out and resuscitated him for 30 minutes, until he came back from the light. He went into a coma. HEAVY, we all preying for ST.

2)A surfer I know, pulled into a barrel and got his head knocked on the sandbank and fractured his C4 vertebra, he is going for an Op this morning, so our prays are with him to.

Hells Teeth, this is some heavy shit, although let me tell you one thing I am comforted by life's stability. Where I had lost respect for the sea, I realize needs to be respected as with others in my life, not to take anything for granted: my health, love, family, friends, wealth (well what little I have) etc.

So rock out some love for whoever knocks your socks off, cause you never know when a surfboard or sandbank may jump out at you!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Please sir can I have some more"
Can amnesia and Déjà Vu happen at the same time, I feel like I have stepped back into high school in my new current position, there are the little clusters of who's who and the slackers, and the cool kids, and the little different set, aaannnddd then theres me the amnesiac kid that has no FUCKING idea of whats happening! This little orphan is just trying to find his little niche, not knowing really who to side with, what to actually be doing, how to do it, not really understanding why the need for the absolute coolness and indignent demand for psuedo creative personalities to laugh at stupid things, being cool of course, always being cool, and then me floating around like a wet fart, laughing with them, and having no idea WTF everyone is laughing at...

Much like Oliver Twist, who toils with very little food (ME), remains in his workhouse for six months, until the desperately hungry Oliver decide to trembe forard to his master to make the famous request: "Please, sir, I want some more." [INSERT: "of your shit you bunch of freaking posers!!!!"]

I am following a rule of acting that a mate told me: First rule of acting, whatever happends, act like it was intended. And THAT my freinds is my strategy, is to act like I am earning my keep, but not knowing what the hell is going on, in the high school playing field that is life, hang below the radar before making your move!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The New Guy

So I started i-new-Work yesterday, like a puppy I lapped all the shit people through at me, slapped a smile on my dial and nodded like an incoherent ijit! Although surprisingly, I enjoyed the vibe that this new place emits, it’s kinda like a hot bed for young energy that knows how to have some fun, whilst working their knuckles to the bone!

I sat in on some meeting that could have been about the merits of a watery soup, although was all about fabricating garments, twirls VS. Rip Chord and Horizons of leather as a new substrate that is going to TAKE OFF! Buuut, with the raising Rand/Dollar exchange this might curb the trend, but the color Pewter is definitely in kids, rush out now before it’s finished!!!! Get the drift; I had no freaking idea, ITS WATERY SOUP TO ME!!

But rad people, def makes the learning easier and more fun.