Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I know now that drinking has a massive effect on me, for days afterwards I feel like a perpetual cloud hangs over me. When I don’t drink, I have huge pep, zest and go around feeling all happy go lucky. When I tear it up, I am shattered for days; I think its time to moderate that shizness...

I am a massive binge drinker, I don’t socially drink, but when the boys hang it out, I go large. This is no way to do it, responsible and balance is the order of the day! Hell the booze is not a problem, and its not that I drink a lot, I just over do it when I do, and feel poo after for days. Just to clarify I am not a bad boozed up chappy, I get very sociable and dance like an 80's has been, but def not sloppy. I just want to feel good, and be a happy chappy...

That being said, cheese and rice, I have been copping a thick ear from my ex, due to our romantic interlude (graveyard), it brought up old feelings, and even though it was comforting and awesome to hang, I don’t see us getting back together, thus must stay far away, and let us get some distance, before hopefully becoming friends.

We (me) all try and find balances in our life, it’s hard, but I am trying.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On Mon night it seems I drank every damn beer and shot in every joint we went too, and now I have just recovered sufficiently from my brain dead state to write this entry...celebrations of our range launch got very out of hand, we were thrown out of numerous whisky house and bar we frequented, hell'steath, that was a big one. I was funneir and more handsome than I have ever been that Monday night, booze really is amazing like that.

Nevertheless, tuesday was a whore at work, a dirty ugly whore and she didnt let up, the worst part was that I had to go to dinner with Dad and Floozy and all her kids, I swear I feel like I am not even part of a family anymore, Dad is still Dad, but I dont feel part of a family, that sucks serious ass, cause we were so tight once, life goes on, though.

Annnddd now its wednesday, and catching up with all the shit I didnt do on Tuesday...I feel like packing it all up and fucking off to a deserted island and living like the lost people.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a pert little guy, aww you beauty...

A week of weirdness has circulated around me, I feel really calm though, like I am in the eye of a storm. I don’t know if I blundered or did the right thing by hooking up with Ex-GF, we parleyed in a bit of graveyard monkeybiznezz.

Although the actions of impulsiveness have raised some pretty pertinent questions, should we or shouldn’t we? Ex-GF has sorted out a lot of her shit, although still exudes a heart with a lack of understanding, she is a phenomenally beautiful woman, with a sharp disposition, although the stubbornness of her nature, holds me back. I am not jumping into anything and am on the back foot, I will let and see where the wind blows me…

The other weird shite, that has been going down is that we are launching our Winter 09 clothing, footwear, sporting & accessories lines to all the big chain stores, agents, directors etc and all the busy bees have been going fucking dilly, and through it all I have been super chilled and have not been caught up in all the craziness. Not that I don’t care, actually I don’t care, its fashion, and its all bullshit, being in the biz, I see the veneer of all of it all. Starry eyed little wannabes fly through the offices ogling the racks of uber fashion, and I see what I use to see through their eyes, I am not jaded, just realistic now, in my yonder years…Gawd! I have no intentions of wanting to live on an island with a million dollars, I enjoy what I do, I just see through the marketing baloney, and see people for the every day superheroes that they are.

Another exciting little soiree that I enjoyed was the SA showjumping, I watched these honeys on horses gliding through the air, in their tight jodhpurs it was better than the beach with girls in bikinis, thank poo I bought my shades, cause I was perving my eye’s out. Jodhpurs, now that’s a fashion silhouette I can get excited about!

Adios, I off for a surf.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A stencil of me...

After my horrible drinking binge, I decided its time to get my summer bod back, damn sociol convention and rippling abs! I hit the beach at 6am, ready to rock n roll a surf and then pound the pavement later on in the arvo. Pity the surf did not comply with plans and the sea was on its head, as I was contemplating what to do, a professional surf team rolled in for morning training, a couple of them are mates, and invited me to join.

Training consisted of:
2km run on the beach
45 push ups
90 sit ups
20 squats - instead of weights at the gym, you pick up your partner on your shoulders!
30 Lunges

Sweet melons of love, my calves cramped on the run, I had to stop and stretch, I am hopeless at sit ups, and now am so stiff I am walking like an old man with rickets or some other dibilatating disease that attackes the very muscles that allow you to move like human being.

I am screwed!

Another highlight, is that I was offered sex, unadalterated strings free sex, and I siad no, when I feel like jumping back on the horse, I can do it myself, with someone that I choose (hopefully they agree). I just dont feel like getting in bed with anyone, I am having to much fun, without things getting messy, cause sex alway fucks everything up. Even thoughI get super horned up at times, it passes.

(my penis interjects)fuck you phone that poontang - you should have gone with that sex...damn you, daaammmmnnnnn yoooouuuu!

At the moment my top head rules my life, not the bottom one.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

It really does drive the ladies crazy, ashamedly I think I dance like an 80's pop star...

Now that was a Craic weekend, I had a surprising call from a wonderful couple from Ireland, whom I met whilst surfing in J-Bay. I offered my place for them to stay if they ever passed through Dirtbin, they did pass and they did call.

Team Irish (TI), myself and Red, decided that we needed to hit the town and throw some tail on Friday night, we blazed a dinner at billys, whilst chin-wagging about TI's 10 month around the world surf trip, they regaled us with stories from New Zealand, hippies from Canada, cops in Mexico, and finally how SA is the best country they have been too, because of our generous hospitality, abundance of great waves and the luxury of converting Euros’ to Rands. It made me feel proud to be a SAFFA! They had never been to a casino, so we sped to the tables, and the Irish luck continued to astound me, from R100 they made R1700, whilst I lagged behind with coming out square, we then celebrated by buying champagne and drinking the bubbly all night long, I was on my plonk, dancing like a demented being, doing my signature "pop" move, did you watch last nights MNET movie, my roomie RED reckons I dance like Hugh Grants character Alex Fletcher, with his gammy sexy hip "POP", it works and I had the ladies frothing to get near me, I was throwing out the vibe, or so I thought, damn that champe's is like a hallucinogenic!

Saturday we gingerly arose and chilled out making pancakes, hit the surf and watched the Ozzies getting DRILLED by the Kiwis, after which I had a date with the Races. I attended the Gold Cup in Durbs, my boss big Cheez, invited me, I needed to create an impression that I could bet, and thus he could bet on me, in the business sense...sad to say that I am no gambler, and my donkeys all came in stone last, I resorted to drinking with my good mate WALK THE DOG, she and I banged our gums about sexual exploits, and was shocked to hear that woman (or some - do all?) are as horny as men...this was a titillating experience that got me hellava hot under the collar! Walk the dog and I laughed off the naughtiness and chatted the arvo away whilst klapping the G&T's. By 5pm, I was on my ass tipsy again, off to a pub for night cap for a friend’s farewell and all a blur, I think I bust out a "POP" just for shits, as a request from the many ladies, the screamed, I signed a few boobs, for the fans, everything for the fans.

Sunday, I was hurting! I sent the Irish off, and decided that lately I have gone way overboard, and need to get back into shape, summer is coming and I need to look good in a speedo. So Monday is get into shape for speedometer day!! Fuck!