Sunday, August 3, 2008

It really does drive the ladies crazy, ashamedly I think I dance like an 80's pop star...

Now that was a Craic weekend, I had a surprising call from a wonderful couple from Ireland, whom I met whilst surfing in J-Bay. I offered my place for them to stay if they ever passed through Dirtbin, they did pass and they did call.

Team Irish (TI), myself and Red, decided that we needed to hit the town and throw some tail on Friday night, we blazed a dinner at billys, whilst chin-wagging about TI's 10 month around the world surf trip, they regaled us with stories from New Zealand, hippies from Canada, cops in Mexico, and finally how SA is the best country they have been too, because of our generous hospitality, abundance of great waves and the luxury of converting Euros’ to Rands. It made me feel proud to be a SAFFA! They had never been to a casino, so we sped to the tables, and the Irish luck continued to astound me, from R100 they made R1700, whilst I lagged behind with coming out square, we then celebrated by buying champagne and drinking the bubbly all night long, I was on my plonk, dancing like a demented being, doing my signature "pop" move, did you watch last nights MNET movie, my roomie RED reckons I dance like Hugh Grants character Alex Fletcher, with his gammy sexy hip "POP", it works and I had the ladies frothing to get near me, I was throwing out the vibe, or so I thought, damn that champe's is like a hallucinogenic!

Saturday we gingerly arose and chilled out making pancakes, hit the surf and watched the Ozzies getting DRILLED by the Kiwis, after which I had a date with the Races. I attended the Gold Cup in Durbs, my boss big Cheez, invited me, I needed to create an impression that I could bet, and thus he could bet on me, in the business sense...sad to say that I am no gambler, and my donkeys all came in stone last, I resorted to drinking with my good mate WALK THE DOG, she and I banged our gums about sexual exploits, and was shocked to hear that woman (or some - do all?) are as horny as men...this was a titillating experience that got me hellava hot under the collar! Walk the dog and I laughed off the naughtiness and chatted the arvo away whilst klapping the G&T's. By 5pm, I was on my ass tipsy again, off to a pub for night cap for a friend’s farewell and all a blur, I think I bust out a "POP" just for shits, as a request from the many ladies, the screamed, I signed a few boobs, for the fans, everything for the fans.

Sunday, I was hurting! I sent the Irish off, and decided that lately I have gone way overboard, and need to get back into shape, summer is coming and I need to look good in a speedo. So Monday is get into shape for speedometer day!! Fuck!



DT said...

That was a really funny movie!!

I am hoping that come summer you wont be dancing like a 80's pop star wearing a speedo! I am afraid Sunrise, that that might not be the best way to get a girl!! ;-)

So what do you plan on doing to get your bod in shape?

Sunrise said...

Ha ha, sweet tits, I will so dance like that in a banana hammock, it will look soooo good! I will send you a video. My fans would love that, sheez maybe I should set up a website?

My excercise regime, is running instead of driving, save gas...he he, running on beach in morning, is all I am going to do.

DT said...

Okaaay - now I am hoping you are not running in a speedo:-)I thought you didnt want fame ? (you see I really do read your blog!!)I have found from past experiences that giving up booze makes you loose weight fast - but to hell with that - life is hard enough!!

Sunrise said...

True, true, we all need the distorted realities of ourselves that booze allows us, its like the creative licence that artists have, we (or I) drink and I become the person I have always seen myself as...(doing the double knee slide) SUPERSTAR!

On a serious note, slowing down on the booze and run, as running makes me a lean hunting dog, and gets rid of the boyish tyre around my midriff and face - thats where all the bad stuff gathers to hang out.