Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bill has the hottest mug in town

I avoid admin like the plague, to the point where if it is too much of a hack, I will just lie down and die (if it came to the end of SA, and I had to go through the admin of being a refugee or something hugely dramatic like that).

So with all the dread in the world I go and get ID photies done for an overseas trip I am taking, I head to the dodge ID photo dude, a ratty place in DBN CBD, and zap, it takes two seconds, happy days...the thing with ID photos, is that you always look like dog shit, like a bored ass mofo too, they should let you have cool backdrops or something like that. I hate admin, and now I can say that I hate ID photos, HATE! I am going to exercise my tits off, and get the best ID photo image I can duplicate it 1000 times and use that forever, then I can let go of myself, eat like a pig, drink like fish, and be a fat bastard, but I will have the world’s hottest ID photo....

Here's a question do girls put make up on, do there hair and all that shit for their ID mug shots?

Last night was SupA DupA, I hung out with T_Bone and her connection The Prawn (killa bod, but throw away the head - Ha ha) and watched Juno, what an awesome movie.



DT said...

LOL - I have known a few male prawns in my life - that is sooo terrible!!

To answer your ID question - I go all out:hair, make up, earings, I even practise my no avail, I still have a crummy ID photo where I resemble a freakish ghoul girl with bloodshot eyes and the worst grimace on my face imaginable!

Sunrise said...

Isnt that Prawn thing hectic but sooo cool, def going to use that going forward!

Really? even practice the shot, I just walked, had the worst hangover EVER, and BAM thats my photo for the next 10 years, FUCKITY FUCK!