Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cool huh?
It is tough having a splintered family, last night I had dinner with my Pops and his floosie, and last week had din dins with Mum, they just cant get along...Mum is a riot, and we drank wine and ate at a average place with average food and laughed our tits off and she tried to set me up with the waitress, she is speaks 4 languages, has oodles of mates, and helps AIDS patients in the valley of a thousand hills in KZN, so yeah kinda like superwoman, although is terrible with cash, cause she gives it all away, serious...she is always offering me money. Oh and she finds time to belly dance and give her mates massages, WTF ~ yeah my moms a masseuse, classy! Dad is a generous ol' pops, he is serious, phenomenal with figures, money and not saying much, although is happy too dispense advise about leaving SA, move to Oz he says, go now, NOW, NOOOWWWW - kinda freaks me out the whole OZ thing, weird, wired up fuckers that side. We had dinner at a fancy place and communicated through sign language and quirky eye glances, floosie ate all the expensive shit.

Hell it sux, but you cant help and wonder what the two of these amazingly talented people saw in each other in the first place? I mean, I wish I could go back in time and see the courtship process, was my old man a crazy young thing, or my mum a dour sock knitter that raved at night? What makes the dynamics of a relationship, what makes the timing right, cause we always evolving, right? So what works now, might not work in 2 weeks time. Is that why you have to change together, how do you do that, communication I suppose...fuck, I am getting mixed up here.

Bottom line is that the fogies, digged having dinner with me in their own weird way, I digged spending time with them. On occasions like birthdays/Xmas etc family is the most important thing, no matter what form, shape or dynamic it comes in.


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