Sunday, July 6, 2008

All night (and day) long, all night long...

Like all great rock songs, you have to mix whole lotta booze, beautiful woman in skimpy outfits doing outrageous things and gang of bad boys wearing leather and holding beers! I was a bad ass this w/end....a biker bad ass!

I took Friday off, cause I just didn’t want to work, I went up the North Coast with some mates and went off road riding, shit balls, they took me on a ride my ass will never forget, 5 and a half hours later, my nuts feel like they were still vibrating a day later, and my ass will forever be indented by the seat pattern! We rode up mountains, through rivers, I am the jedi knight of enduro MX riding, I am so sore, mother Theresa could not bring me back to life. THANK GOODNESS for beer, it brought me back, miracle stuff, after the ride, sucking back on the brewski's, feeling as manly as anything my sores and wounds (I fell a LOT) healed themselves, like a mystical superhero, I healed myself. GAWED I felt good!!

The next day, I needed twenty types of different colored pills to get out of bed, I was dead, sore and dead, did I say dead, dead! But like any rock star the show must go on, Off to the DBN July to ride another bony horse into the starting gates and with that any money that I put down on a horse (I lies, I won), seeing mates that I have not seen in years, my eyes (myyyyy eeeyyyyeeesss!!!) popping out of my head, at the beautiful buffet of woman, in the most wonderful assortment of attire, then BANG, I bump into the ex, who looked like heaven had dressed her, my god she tormented me! We ended up having a good chin wag, and sorted out some issues in a good healthy setting, RAD! Back to boozing, back to a fading memories, due to a booze induced frontal lobe, good times!! I do remember having a life saving pizza a Spiga D Ora, if you in DBN you have to have a Mafioso pizza there, sweet tits its good!

Sunday, aagghhhh, headache deluxe, I peeled myself off my bed, and packed a bag, I had a surfing day, watched, surfed, caught some crayfish, went to a braai, ate meat and cray's and watched the most thrilling Wimbledon final ever with a bunch of good mates...Not a shabby w/end huh??!!

Time to rest a tad now!

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