Friday, July 18, 2008

Another random image, cool huh?

Family, love them or hate them, they are there for life.

My Mom & Dad, split about 10 years ago, a terrible dissolution, that ripped the heart and soul out of a once idyllic little family unit, lets not cry about spilled milk, these things happen, and I am not the only child from a broken home... no boo hoo's on this end. Dramas between the folks have become a way of life for me, and for some reason, I have become the conduit between Ma & Pa, not the best position when you want peace, although at the same time for them to get along.

Right insert the problem (this time), My 30th birthday is looming, hence the dilemma, how do you fit one Dad, Dads floosie, Mum (sad mum who still loves Dad), a Sister, HUGE loser husband of sister, sisters kids (adorable kids) at one table - try and start a meaningful conversation, that is not about the weather...

Conversations Dad's Floosie can have with Mumsy:
Cooking recipes
Dad’s bedroom antics (vomit)
How Floosie destroyed Mumsies garden when she moved in
Floosie telling Mum, that our lifetime maid Celia stinks (Floosie bought Celia soap, washing stuff and ordered her to shower one day - WTF!), Mum loves Celia, stink n' all - for the record she does not pong...maybe a little.

Conversations I will have with Loser Husband of sister:
What is the latest video game on the market - sorry sorry home entertainment bad!
Oh you scored 1264, on Masters of Doom 3, Loser you my hero, can I give you a handjob?
Oh, you didn’t pay for anything again, and my Dad had to pay AGAIN, lets all celebrate, because this is never going to change....cheers, what a loser!

..CHRISTMAS!!!! This is going to be bad!!! This is how I am probably going to celebrate my 30th with my fam dam, great huh, wouldn’t change it for happy smiles, an awesome toasting session, swapping of funning, no, this is how I roll - cue tearing out hair, and fake smiles...God, I don’t care.

WHATS IS COOL, is what I doing with 20 of my OB ONE CANOBIES (mates) over the weekend for my 30th, all heading down to Southbroom for the weekend post the exciting fam dinner, and drinking, dancing, catching up, shooting the breeze, hanging out, and doing nothing...that’s kinda cool. bloggAfrenzic new pal wants me to give 7 interesting facts about me, seeing as she is my one and only blogAsphere friend-E-Poo, I don’t want to let her down:

1) I miss my brothers (X2) in London super bad.
2) I have always wanted to do a design course.
3) I love reading and devour books, especially ones of random normal people, who do normal extraordinary things.
4) I enjoy meeting new people and discussing serious/intimate issues with them.
5) I have a porn movie hidden in my cupboard
6) My first job was working at Spur - I enjoyed it!
7) I have always wanted a tattoo but would never get one.



DT said...

Thanx - dont worry one day you'll be famous! Have a fantastic weekend!

Sunrise said...

famous, I dont want to be famous...I do want to have a fucking rad w/end though...keep on rocking out DT, throw some tail...have a cool one.

Being Brazen said...

hehehee...I so understand your family issues...and no, you are definitely not the only one from a broken home. In fact perfect is abnormal nowdays. Hope you have a great 30th.

Sunrise said...

Hey BB, Wot! A new BloggA, thanks for the comment, I know, I am not the only one, just new to me,and it never gets easier. Tuff love is true love, I suppose, whatever that means...? Yeah, 30, dont say it too loud yet, have not really dealt with that number.