Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So its been a bit slow my side, just killing time until I finish up my current employment. Dont you wish that when you resign you could just walk out, have a break re-energize before the next challenge.

So from next week, I am going to be in a little log cabin (next to a dam), learing the tricks of the timber trade, I cant wait. This is a massive opportunity to really become financially and time flexible. This is what I have been working towards (arnt we all).

So last night I had the most disturbing dream, where you wake up in the midst of an anxiety attack, thinking that its all real, I shat myself!

I dreamt that my ex called and said that she is 3 weeks preggers with my child, I decide that I will marry her for the sake of the child, only to figure out after the marriage that it couldnt be mine becuase I have been with Pharo for 6 months, so there is no way the shild is mine, I try an institute divorce proceedings but find that I cannot and I am stuck. Its the stuck part that sent me into a delerious anxiety, waking up trying to figure out if its real. Hell, I hate that, wonder if I should read into any of that shite?

Crazy days ahead.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise. It seems like since I have resigned everyone has at least one hand wrapped around my progressive dick these days. The sorry that I am leaving and good times lost, or the realization they have to stay or do more work (bothers them) I dunno, but this wild willy is outta here next Friday, hell fucken yeah!

Now what does not suck jazz flautist balls is that I am going to be spending the entire month of February in a SMALL Natal farming town in a little fishing log cabin (I shit you not), I am going to be getting into the guts of my line of work, figuring it out from our clients side before I hit up my new line of work. Its going to be fucking rad, getting back to basics, away from the city bollocks, no more brands, no TV, no internet, just some good old khaki stock kinda people, a fishing rod and good manual labour will knock the pretentious city “behind a computer all day” metro-ness outta me and harden me the fuck up. I wont lie I am a bit nervous of what to expect, do I have to skull a bottle of cane, am I going to get pulled into the infamous wife swapping ceremonies that only small towns seem to have.

I dunno, but it’s all going to be new…


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Madagascar Lemur, strange critters!
When God hands you a gift, he also hands you a whip; and the whip is intended solely for self-flagellation. Truman Capote

I have been really loving the time/s spent with Pharo, hell we get on like a forest fire. Why is it that in the act of loving you arm another person against you, when you start falling for someone you worry about comments made, subtlty and other little micro-goings on that you shouldnt be, do we look for problems because we shit scared of losing that person. Not that anything is wrong, everything couldnt be better, hell we planning a trip to Madagascar. To which I have already bought the tickets, yeah I blew my bolt a little too early on that one (honestly my travel agent misunderstood and just booked and paid on my credit card) - we leave on 9 April, cool huh. It has just given us something new to explore and talk about its been hellava fun!

A funny sight yesterday, Pharo and I go to her mates place to find out some info on Madagascar, as we discussing places to stay, what to expect, I hear the start of PreZ Obie's speech, I rush through to the TV room (in the mates house) to see a dude sleeping on the couch...I just thought how funny, one of the worlds most historic moments and the guy is sleeping. What does it mean, nothing, I just thought it was a funny sight in light of the moment. Good speech though, or did it sound like a bit of sermon to you?


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cant you just wait for Prez Obie One to hit the big time!

Friday night the delectable Pharo and I joined Marky Mark and Dork for a Cinema Nuevo flik at Gateway, now this is a hellava uncharacteristic thing for a Friday night, although due to the cash strapped nature of the this month, it’s the best we could do. Better than a kick in the teeth… We saw “Burn after reading”, now I enjoy a good arty movie, but this, woooa, was way out, was it a comedy, social satire, or just fucked up violence, those Cohen Bro’s must do some trippy liquid acid.

Saturday I slept through my first heat of KZN surfing champs, how, I have no freaking idea…it would dawn on me through a sordid little moment whilst rushing to the loo turtle necking whilst grinding my teeth, clinching with all my might. I got the dreaded tummy bug, I was so shattered after my bog time, and my second heat (which I won ) that I had to pull out of the competition, because my guts didn’t agree with me…timing or was it the Cohen brothers?

I went home and let Pharo hit the jol, I slept from 6pm – 9am on Sunday morning, to admin deluxe, my damn ass garden hose had burst, FUCK, 1 x plumber on a Sunday = R1000. RAD!

Then I hit Sloth’s house in Ballito to take it easseee, on the couch whilst playing some play station, talk smack with some of the other mates that came around for a lazy Sunday arvo.

Sloth’s house is so rad, it’s like a chill spot for all our mates; you just pitch up, set up camp and shill. He has all the gizmos and personality to just let it roll (including a hellava lot of other rolling). What a guy, his wife is also the nicest person in the world, and he is a financial advisor, one of the best, go figure!

So to the tummy bug, setting up camp in my guts, get the fuck out!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Found this on Post Secret site, apt for today. Heavy though...sad too.

The surf has been pumping lately, last night I left the prison that I am (BLaaaKe....) incarcerated in during the hours of 8am-4:30pm, to find a perfect evening being painted, the heat and humidity had dropped off, the waves were lazy and super fun. I surfed for 2 hours, in my own vibe, ignoring the bad vibes from locals trying to hustle waves from all and sundry. I tell you, out in the water its whole different hierarchy of different personalities out there, some dudes are aggressive as fuck, some are chilled, some are whiny, some just know what they are doing and score all the sweet ones (I think I fall into this category). I was in my own world and had some smoking BOMBS!

I went in after having my fill and chatted some to some of the ol' locals, now these old mac daddies are over the hill old school dudes, and let me tell you, all they do is complain about SA, about this, about that. Its super important to stay up to date with the current political landscape (no matter how colorful it is), its important to have opinions, BUT for shitsakes, if you going to have an opinion, make sure its informed and not a freaking selfish brainfart, cause you little life is affected, have some perspective fucker! If it was a one off instance/person I could deal with it, no, no, NO, it’s every morning, afternoon and night, these guys just moan. I am sure it makes them happy, I mean it must...agh, they good guys, just old school, and I am afraid to say it, racist, and a little scared of change and the future.

To be honest I am scared to, that Malema dude frightens me with his militant demeanor. I am African, I am going nowhere at this stage. I am African, how cool is that, white boy from KZN...

Rant over, I took my new cabbie to show the old man, he was stoked, we went for a ride and shot the breeze, he sat in the captains chair and took the beast for a spin. Nice one, special little moment right there.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hell its tough getting back into the work vibe, the political correctness of it all, the social ballet, the hours, the hierarchy...yadda yadda, blah. What’s so cool is that I don’t give a shit; I resigned first day back, and just need to handover and rock the fuck out of here, yeah! Still the hour’s drrraaaaaggggg on, huh....

Now, I have had another high after resigning (I know, how the fuck can you get higher), I got delivery of my new fuck big Van, it’s huge and can ride over shit. But it’s also huge and I can’t get into parkings, ha aha, hilarious! It’s going to take me time to get used to this beautiful beast of burden. Pharo reckons chick are going to be dropping there panties when I cruise past, in my 4 wheels of justice, Taxi's are going to drop their oil boxes at the site of me about to ram them off the road, aggh can life get sweeter (maybe if my work nemesis grew a wort on her face)?

That being said, shit, I just read The Blond Blogshells blog, and the poor custard pudding is going through the worst thing ever, breakup. I have had 3 or 4 mates break up over the Xmas/Summer period, Shitballs I feel for this peeps, its stressful that stuff, killa actually, not only dealing with work, life, money, now you gotta deal with part of your closest friend/lover/support system leaving you. So please a thought for BB and my mates that are going through this, cause I know all about it!

Keep rocking in a free world.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Holiday round up, wow its been such a long time since I have tapped away at a computer screen, that my typing skills have gone all pear shaped buggerd up...feels good though, I ddnt touch a computer for almost a month, giving my screen eyes time to focus on other shit.

I spent the bulk of the hol's at Cape St francis, Pharo and her folks were staying in swanky St. Francis bay on the beautiful canals. I have to admire the simple beauty and complexity of the canals in St. Francis, makes you feel trasported to a very different South Africa, one that is truly international.

I sat on the beach, surfed all day and chilled at night, and really only started drinking toward new years, well when I started, I spiralled into a beautiful mess, a fucking train wreck more likely, see evideance above!!

Highlights of my vac were the following:

Doing what I want when I want...always a plus.
Chilling with Pharo heeps, and hanging out with her family.
Chilling and meeting properly my new nucleur family.
Surfing my tits off.
Eating my tits off.
Catching a perfect day at JBay, OOOOO it was perfect, postcard perfect.
Getting so John Deered up on New Years eve, WOOO a big one!
Having my surfboard cut in half by a kook.
Crazy naughty sexy times whilst trying to avoid the folks...

And now, back at work, and I have just resigned, yes...right now, liberating as fuck! Now I have to wait it out, and then I will facing some new challenges like working with my old man, I am excited for this challenge!