Monday, January 12, 2009

Holiday round up, wow its been such a long time since I have tapped away at a computer screen, that my typing skills have gone all pear shaped buggerd up...feels good though, I ddnt touch a computer for almost a month, giving my screen eyes time to focus on other shit.

I spent the bulk of the hol's at Cape St francis, Pharo and her folks were staying in swanky St. Francis bay on the beautiful canals. I have to admire the simple beauty and complexity of the canals in St. Francis, makes you feel trasported to a very different South Africa, one that is truly international.

I sat on the beach, surfed all day and chilled at night, and really only started drinking toward new years, well when I started, I spiralled into a beautiful mess, a fucking train wreck more likely, see evideance above!!

Highlights of my vac were the following:

Doing what I want when I want...always a plus.
Chilling with Pharo heeps, and hanging out with her family.
Chilling and meeting properly my new nucleur family.
Surfing my tits off.
Eating my tits off.
Catching a perfect day at JBay, OOOOO it was perfect, postcard perfect.
Getting so John Deered up on New Years eve, WOOO a big one!
Having my surfboard cut in half by a kook.
Crazy naughty sexy times whilst trying to avoid the folks...

And now, back at work, and I have just resigned, yes...right now, liberating as fuck! Now I have to wait it out, and then I will facing some new challenges like working with my old man, I am excited for this challenge!



Anonymous said...

YAY You are back! It is about time - you have been missed! Sounds like you had an awesome time!!! Wow resignation in the new year - that is brave - congrats!!!

Sunrise said...

Brave, nope, just tired of working for someone else, want to work with and for myself (family). Money and opportunity is better, as well as I dont have to deal with the cons of a big organization (politics). Small tight family affair, which may come and bite me on the ass, but if you dont try and you wont know. So this is me trying...Good to be back DT, I must catch all the skinner!

po said...

so basically, you have no more tits!

Sounds so good, I stopped off at CApe St Francis on a road trip last year, it was beautiful.