Monday, December 15, 2008

Roast your turkey this African Xmas

So I almost dehydrated in dirtbin on Sunday, Fuck Sake it was the hottest place on this earth, and I had to get dressed up in full battle gear and go riding around French Pigs farm in the blazing sun, I feinted. Yup in the bush, I feinted off my bony. Damn that’s so manly, so manly it makes me get an erection, exerting so much energy, in the wild, I feinted. Fuck the poor, I feel good!

So I read Pea’s post on 08, and I thought, hell that’s a smart chick, let me do the same, cause I knock off on Friday, mentally though I have already knocked off, you know, don’t really give a shit anymore!

So here goes, two thousand and eights dog nuts:

All in all, I wouldn’t go back and visit with ’08; I learnt a lot of lessons that I will definitely use going forward.

I started my blog
I had a girlfriend that I thought I was going to marry, so I bought a house with her, we started renovating the house and decided that it wasn’t good that we date, cause I was going to kill her otherwise, we broke up – Major fucking drama
She beat me up, I accepted the beating
She sued me; I sued back – Major fucking drama
I met Pharo, happy as a pig in poo
I bought my house lock stock, and feel proud!
I left one shitty overpaid job, to join another shitty overpaid job
I turned 30, had a major party drank for 3 days straight, that was a good ho down, shit balls!

So as you can see from the above that the actions were not off the charts cool, but the lessons learnt were way worth it (don’t put the cart before the horse in a relationship, small steps). I learnt who my true mates are, and I respect that immensely, I learnt that I am bad judge of character when it comes to woman, so I am dealing with that. Pharo and our relationship is how a relationship should be, I am not pinning any hopes, not planning anything, just going day by day, until….I dunno.

Merry merry and all that jazz, smoke a stogie, and rip open your gifts, I am going to be chilling on the beach in St Fanny reading a book and surfing my balls off (I bought myself a new surfboard for Xmas, hell yeah!)



po said...

Nice post! What a year for you, some major events going down and stuff. You seemed to survive it with your chin up though.

Sunrise said...

'08, do the years ever get any easier?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

What a year!! Here's hoping 2009 is frikken awesome!!

Enjoy St. F (lucky bugger) and I'm glad you started the blog!
Thanks for a year of entertainment!

Sunrise said...

Thanks BB, lets see what 09 holds, I have some plans up my sleeve...till then though.

DT said...

Enjoy Mister - have a safe one and a marvelous one!! You sure deserve it!!