Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The real Queen, just saying.

Lets just say that if we were all normal, would this happen:

1) Watching an individual take a smoking hot Danish girl out on a dinner date with a bunch of friends and hooking up with another? (madness or genuis?)
2)Ripping one's shirt off at the pub bar and tying it into a bow around your midriff, and then act like a queen, I dunno?
3)Watching a hasbeen Rugby star trying to pick up your girl and enjoy watching him fail miserably.
4)Sticking your finger through your zipper and pretending its your willy, its only funny for about 2 minutes
5)Trying to sing opera, this is stupid
6)Doing the dice dance move
7)Trying to talk business (*DRUNK*) - not productive

All this and bunch more that always gets lost in the haze of mayhem, it is the silly season and silly things happen. The silliest of them all is going to be keeping your job in '09, thats what the papers say. Hell, may as well enjoy ourselves while we can.

The end


po said...

christmas mayhem? I agree if we are all gonna be unemployed we should party like it's 1999!

Sunrise said...

Yeah Po, 1999 (Red Balloons...)

DT said...

I just love the silly season!(Love your Pic as well - I have the LP at home!)

Have a fantastic silly weekend Sunrise!!

Sunrise said...

Stick out your willy (or boobs) and lets let it all hang out, cause its time to get down!