Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Take me there...St Fanny

Don’t you love the fact that we are at work, but not really there, I mean I am here, sitting at my desk, but I am not here, not sitting at my desk.

I am 2 weeks away from beach, surf, loads of sleep, beers, Pharo, and whatever I damn well feel like doing, maybe

1) taking the whole morning to decide on the perfect sandwich to make
2) being so lazy that getting off the couch is an effort so you just let your coffee go cold (its only 2cm out of reach)
3) after beach luvin', with that salty, sunkissed feel aggghhh
4) after surf luvin, with that salty, sunkissed feel aggghhh
5) after lunch luvin', with that salty, sunkissed feel aggghhh
6) really hanging out with my family and talking crap, that’s important
7) waking up and going for a naked jog.
8) waking up and going back to sleep
9) having a 1 hour poo with a good book
10) lots of braai's, beers, and laughter

thats where I am, not at work - 2 weeks away!

One of my mates is in the Mr. Bones 2 movie and I have to support him, so we going tonight, damn it too all hell, I have to sit through 2 hours of Mr. Bones - Gawd, grant me the fortitude to get through this!

Another thing that I have been trying to really focus on is relaxing, now I know that I am going to do fuckload of this in the holidays, but I am reading this book on how to improve your surfing, in it mentions that when you are stressed your whole body is fuck stiff and your groove goes all whak. Now generally I am stressed to the max, I am making a concerted effort to just slow down, read/listen properly, 'cause I always find myself rushing shit. Slow down and breath, keep it simple...thats my mantra going into '09, hopefully my surfing will improve with it?

keep it cool.



po said...

Haha, mr bones 2! I got subjected to number 1 on a greyhound bus, and yeah, too much poo for me.

Your future holiday sounds awesome, naked jogging, never tried that one!

Sunrise said...

AAAGGHHHH, the pain, my eyes, MY EEYYYEEESS. Crap, crap movie, funny and South African.

Yeah, I once jogged from a Pub all the way starkers, granted I was blazed drunk, but it was very liberating, you should give a bash.

DT said...

I heard Mr Bones was awful! I dont think I will see for myself! Sounds like you have a pretty good holiday planned! I too love them sandwiches!

Sunrise said...

A great sandwich is nothing short of art, one that needs careful consideration of presentation, content and delivery, its a short lived art form, and not one for re-sale, but exceptionally satisfying!