Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friday morning began with another ball bag headache deluxe, I don’t know why Gareth Cliff advocates Pooza Thursday it’s the dumbest freaking thing ever! You just feel like dog shit on all Friday and then feel the need to chase the hair of the dog post work, as half my mates only work half day on Friday (cause we live in Durban and people here only work Mon – Thurs). I unfortunately work full day Friday, maybe I can take my case to the CCMA?

Friday night I hit up Thunder Road a great little rock bar in Florida Rd, and unexpectedly caught a live act, The Banks, we sat down and the lead signers mum was sitting next to us and we struck up a convo with the ol’ bat, and we were forced to not only watch her offspring sing and gyrate but hoot like hell, we were the # 1 groupies. No a bad band, had a couple of toots, and went home, I needed to safe myself for Crazy Legs Barbel fishing contest the next day, hell yeah.


Started bad, headache, fat hairy friend lying on lounge floor naked, I had to pack in a rush as Pharo was meeting us at a mates place in 30 minutes, so I packed everything that I didn’t need, ha ha ha, a jersey, one shoe (thank gawd I was wearing my slops), a hat, towel and a wrist band (WTF). So I waited on the road for Pharo, and I waited, and I waited…so I phone: “Hey you sexy custard pudding, where you?”, Pharo: “aaghhh, what, huh, aaaaghhhh, I am still sleeping what time is it” – What she fell asleep, she rushed over 2 hours late. Oh doet balls, eventually we got up to Camperdown to the Crazy Legs Barbel Fishing competition, with the following (after a few stops):

Food (important)
Rods (important for the competition)
Booze (the most important thing in the world)
My bony

I was so amped to catch me a whiskey mud flapper, I downed a beer, got Kalvin to trace me up and then I hit that dam, cast my line in the boiling heat, set up my coolie with grogs next to me and set myself up for hours of successful fishing….I caught jack SHIT! But drank and danced for the first freaking team.

The dance floor was the place to be, Dinks tried to do a dirty dancing move where Patrick Swayze lifts Baby into the air, although Dinks was lifted into a moving Fan, so she had got scalped by the high speed propeller, there was literally blood on the dance floor. Carnage ensued:

Dancing, doing my throw the dice, pick em up and throw em again – killa move’s
Fishing in the squalls of rain
Ummm a lot more happened I think, but I cant remember

I think if you were sober at this thing, you would have had the funniest show in the world, fuck we were off our tits drunk, good fun, I think.

The winning barbell by the way was a 4.2kg baby, caught by the only guy that took the event seriously didn’t drink and sat by his rod all night, it was caught and weighed at 2:34am – dick! He should have been disqualified for not drinking.

I went riding on Sunday arvo with Sid the Sloth, up the mountains that was great!

Then I smashed my couch, hard, very hard.



po said...

Head in a fan oh my gawd.

Sunrise said...

Ha ha, that could be taken the wrong way... BWA Ha ha ha!!!