Monday, November 3, 2008

Hooking that fish.

Apologize I didn’t post yesterday, I have been waylaid by international colleagues, I have been carting around colleagues from pillar to post, drinking cappuccinos by the liter and eating by the pound!

Nevertheless, the w/end was a chilled blast, the event didn’t go as planned (winning glory and getting the moola), but was very cool nonetheless! I did chat to some bizarre old dude, who informed me about the three P's of life:

1) Piece of chicken
2) Piece of Ass
3) Piece and quite

I was quite taken back at his 'Yoda' like intellect; he is the nostrodamus of our time, the guru of life, my mentor to be. WTF!!!

After that life lesson, I bronzed my bod, surfed my tits off, chatted to Phar (who supported me from the beach). I snuck into the surfing VIP tent and ate myself a new digestive system. That was my w/end really...

Don’t you love to hate over eager people, so I am at dinner last night and we were served by Leroy, a great Zimbabwean, he was so nervous (first time being a waiter), he cocked everything up, I MEAN EVERYTHING! He poured beer, so that it was all foam, brought fish cutlery for chicken, Soup spoon for steak, rice with steak (ordered chips), but all through this the Dude just smiled and thought he was doing a fab job, he was a blast. His mate obviously hooked him up with a job at MOYO (go there its the freaking awesome - food ok, vibe cool!), its his first time being a waiter, and he has only been in SA for 7 months, you gotta give a guy trying so hard a break, I did and gave him a monster tip, told the manager that he is the best waiter here and left the manager bemused, seriously bemused.

Taking a line from the shocking Mnet movie on Sunday evening, Acts of Random Kindness can change the world. I would like to think...

US elections, now that might change the world.



po said...

What a cool pic.

I am usually served in the UK by miserable people who hate their jobs. Your Zimbabwean was enthusiastic at least and would have gotten a huge tip from me too!

Sunrise said...

"My Zimbo" Leroy, ha ha...he's not mine, but was such fun, a complete mess though, but tried so hard you have to give him points! I used to be a waiter, so i understand the feeling of nerves and people that are so arrogant they make you even MORE nervouse.

Thanks for the pic comment, thats what I do almost every day! Keeps me in shape, I hate the gym.