Friday, November 28, 2008

Freaking radical, I am taking a half day today and going to the stores to buy the following:

1 x portion of chicken livers
2 x fishing rods
1 x bag of big hooks
2 x small seat thingies to sit on

You see I have entered myself and Pharo into the Annual Crazy Legs Barbel Fishing Contest, where you pay an entrance fee, drink yourself into oblivion whilst trying to catch the biggest barbel, which are donated to farm staff, who for some reason love eating the tassle stinking fish. Huh

Wow, that last post was hectic, I must say I didnt expect it to bug me so much, but I find myself deep in thought about the scenario of Stix, about the what if's and the many people could have been perfect for you. I dunno, maybe Chantelle Rut in class 2 was the belter for me.

i cant wait to go away this weekend for the Cray Legs, will be awesome to get away from the festering corporate cool cats and just be myself with Pharo and all my close mates.

Have a good one!



po said...

Hmm that sounds so good to me, even though I don't fish. I think it is the getting away from it all part.

Sunrise said...

Shit Balls PO, Crazy Legs was a blast, Barbel fishing is an art, chicken hearts, beer, a jetty, it all got pretty much outta control after the second case of beer, 7 G&T's - the winning Barbel was 4.2kgs, awesome w/end!