Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Its the small things that make you happy, last night, I (Pharo did it all, but "I" added the tomato) made dinner, and in the process Pharo and I got to hang out and chill, chat and laugh, we just laughed about dorky stupid shit, that’s the important thing.

Pharo has a phobia about tomato's, she can’t touch them, smell them or go near them and I put them into her salad, damn. That's a weird phobia, but according to Pharo it’s quite a common one, she says its one of the most common phobias. I will have to google/wikipedia that shit, so I guess my ambition to attend the Spanish Tomato festival is out.

With all sorted we ate the most awesome meal, dating Pharo is gonna make me FAT, shit that woman can cook like the Greek Gods of Great Cooking, Nigela can stick a spoon of choco up her snot box, cause Pharo will whip the pants off her in cooking dept. Hell Yeah!

I am in the trenches at work and pulling out all the stops to get under the skin of all the portfolio's that I have been given with absolutely no guidance. I really respect my boss, he is the best at what he does, but infuriatingly gives you work that for him is piss easy (because he has 30 years experience and knows everyone under the sun, including dead people), but doesn’t seem to tell me how to execute it, so like a good Easter egg hunt I figure that shit out, yo. Some I get right, some I get wrong, but I learn...a little too vertically at this stage, but this will all come to an end next year. I respect him, so I want to do good for him, even if I don’t want to be here...



po said...

Hmm, I dont have a tomato phobia but I do hate raw tomato, it is disgusting and the smell is disgusting!

Weird fact: the tomatoes in SA smell much worse and taste a million times stronger than in the UK. It is one of the first things I noticed. I bet Pharo would notice too!

Sunrise said...

All you woman are crazEE, Tomato's help my prostate be strong, strong like ox.

po said...

haha if you say so!