Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yup, I know I surf early every single morning, I know that the wave's have been crap for the last 2 months, I know that I am a bad/stupid morning person...but there is no need to blunder like I did this morning.

Walking down the North Beach Pier, I was chatting to Big Dawg:

Sunrise: "Fuck this for fun, the wave is poo, I could have been lying in bed next to Pharo, all warm and snuggly hoping for a HOWS YOUR FATHER, instead I am in the rain going for a surf in KAK conditions"

Big Dawg: "I think..."

Pharo's Father: "No really I am glad you came down, a brisk swim will do you good"

Sunrise: "Hii Hiii, ummmmm, Hi Mr. Pharo, ummmmm, agggghhhh"

Yup, Mr. Pharo decided to come down for an early morning swim, and walk behind me, whilst I chatted about his beautiful daughter, whom I am exceptionally fond of, bless her tight buttocks. What a cock up, although that breaks the ice for any other cock ups.

Pharo the champ that she is, thought it a gas, while glad one of us does, so know the fam knows that we shtoping each other, grand. Her response was: "Sunrise you 30, I am 27, what do they think we do when I stay over?" You little biscuit.




DT said...

Cood Dad - cool daughter! Fantastic man!!

Sunrise said...

Agh DT you make me blush...