Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sheeez, did you watch Obama's acceptance speech this morning, hell steath, it gave me goose bumps..."Yes we can!"

So I mentioned that I have been carting international colleagues around like an overpaid driver, well I got to go the Aquarium yesterday and a dolphin show, I mean I have never been to one, very corny, but the damn dolphins seriously are beautiful, and looked like they enjoyed themselves, not sure if I could be put through the same paces like that 3 times a day, 7 days a week. I would get a tad bored, but they have a cushy life compared to their sea brethren! On that note Japanese spider crabs and stone fish are just freaking strange!

Last night I had to attend a birthday for one of my old School buddies birthdays, he was a wild child turned good, so I had to endure dinner with a bunch of happy clappies, wasn’t bad, i just let them know from very early on, that I follow Christian beliefs but if they try and manipulate me into a biblical conversation I would not stand for it. It was interesting anyway, we discussed how liberal everyone has become, and accepting and how its so un-Politically correct to spate general opinions, e.g. "Being Gay is wrong", but in our current socio-climate, you have to say, "I am not Gay, and don’t advocate it, but if you are, good for you." I dig liberalism, and all, but I am just so tired of watching what I say, although I support that we are in good times that people can be who they want to be. SHOOO, tired of this now!

Over the w/end I saw a show on DSTV called Sunset Tan, hell is that what America is all about, if it is, the world is FUCKED! Those people have lost the plot, completely!!!!!

Back at work earning my monthly salary.




Ches said...

Yip...the mans is impressive. Hopefully the world learns a lot from him.

DT said...

I have seen that show - I think it is quite hilarious!! my God what you can achieve with a fake tan, fake boobs, freakishly white teeth and no brain cells in the USA is amazing! hopefully Obama will restore some dignity to the nation!!

Sunrise said...

Chez: Obama he's my homie, I have huge expectations of that cat, let hold fingers!

DT: How fucked up is that show, I didnt believe shit like that went down, I mean I am a normal bloke, it looks like a an apocolyptic nightmare, walking mannequins are freaking real!