Monday, November 24, 2008

I feel like the bottom of the porridge pot today, just the norm for Monday. But a sweet weekend of surprising (and some funny) events.

we met up with mates for Friday night sushi and all night drinking at the local, and watched Red trying to pick up this belter FHM model, hell that was like watching a fat kid on a diet being gagged whilst a triple decker bar one cake was suspended in front of his face, so much effort but so unavailable. We kept the cream soda industry afloat that night; the JD's were flowing hard, seriously hard.

Saturday, I loaded my bony and headed out to Cato Manor Track, I met Jamo and the crew and rode my dirtbike like a machine, a couple of wipeouts but its feeling good, I reckon I am getting the hang of the feel of the bike how to move it, this is a cool sideline sport. Although... its fucken expensive, a grand here, a grand there for seals and forks, fuck, shit. Dirt bike riders are a bunch of red necks, cool ones though, but still Reddies, rough boys, but honest. The girls that follow this crowd though a tramp stamp deluxe, yeah!

Sat night, we hit the local again, drinking away, chatitty chat chat, and next thing we hear 10 cop vans screaming up Florida rd, and stop outside Wonderlounge (a strip club), which is situated 20m from Billy the Bumz, these coppers, bailed out in military precision brandishing weapons and whole heap of weaponry shit, only to beat down a dude who had hit an off duty cop, who then called his buddies to back him up. The dude that klapped the pussy cop, got bailed into a cop van and hauled off to no doubt a serious beating. But the amount of SAPS support was too funny the whole of Billyz was cat calling and booing the cops for there stupid show of support, for a pervy, nerdy coppa.

check out the SAPS's code of conduct, what a crock of bullony:

commit myself to creating a safe and secure environment for all people
in South Africa by –

participating in endeavours aimed at addressing the causes of crime;
preventing all acts which may threaten the safety or security of any community; and
investigating criminal conduct which endangers the safety or security of the community
and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

I really am beginning to think that surrounding yourself with positive people really do result in positive actions. Things are looking up, Pharo is still so radical, I need some waves though, that would be cool, so I reckon I am going to ask fate for that.



po said...

The cops in SA always seem a bit dodgy to me. My aunt got held up at her work and thinks that the cops were involved!

Sunrise said...

Did you check out Carte Blanch last night...freaking cops came to inspect a burglary, saw that there was cash in the safe, then they came back the next night and robbed the same house they inspected! Something is wrong very wrong