Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a beautiful day, in the city of Dirtbin it’s a stunnA today.

Do you have rituals when you wake up? I always worry that if I get out of bed on left side of my bed that I will have a bad day, I tried it twice and on both occasions I had horror days, absolute shiteous days. No more my friends, now I am a get-out-right-side kinda guy!

I went with Pharo and her jet set connections to Underberg for the w/end, it pissed like Noah was building an ark on the front lawn, but the crowd was a freaking blast, we created our own warmth by skulling wine by the litre!

We rented a place, if I could imagine the perfect Berg cottage with all the creature comforts but still have the charm of a cottage and user friendly enough to allow you to "put your feet on the furniture” then this is the place, it had the following:

Jacuzzi (the YaKuz)
Open plan kitchen - with lounge and fire place (big one)
Upstairs lounge
DSTV for the rugga - BUggA
Loads of fridge space for the booze, oh ya for the food too.
Two or three en suit bathrooms
Another room with bunk beds etc (Sleeps 8 comfortably)
Beautiful deck, with mind-blowing freaking views of rolling mountains

So that set the scene when I arrived, but because I am a hyperactive douchbag, I had to bring my dirtbike, I am new to this sport and its the first time that I did not have any support in this regard, but thought, hey, I am in Underberg, it would be killa to ride, cause I hate hiking.

Imagine this, I get up, get dressed in the ridiculous kit that you need to ride in, stomp through the crew, the jeered comments (in good nature) that I looked like Robo-cop (I did), get on the bike, hoping to make a memorable wheel spin, to show them what I man I am (cause only true men wheel spin), I start the bike, only to have a stuttering cough in response, I try again, same result (what do they say about stupidity, trying the same thing hoping to expect a different result...ya me, exhibit A = stupid). Everyone comes outside to see Robo-Cop, trying to figure out what’s wrong...I try push starting the bike, only to almost vomit from the exertion. Final effort was loading the bike back onto the van, getting undressed, stupid sport! I need to figure out what I did wrong...

Nevertheless we ate like kings, talked a WHOLE bunch of smack whilst a fire roared, made loads of great food, and continued to down wine and champagne in the YakuZZZ , in the rain, FREAKING AWESOME!

Sunday cleared, and we walked to Giants Castle 3 pools, jumped in ice cold pools and had such a blast. A nice chilled alcohol fueled w/end, it was very cool meeting Pharo's mates, good motivated folk.

On my house issue front, it’s the week of paying my dues, I have to pay for transfer fees etc, OWCH, this gonna hurt, major. Cost of living and loving I suppose.



po said...

Hmm, love the underberg, pity about the bike though, hehe.

Sunrise said...

It was a blast, very chilled n' boozy, I know underberg is freaking rad. I felt like such a douche about the bike, sometimes my keeness gets the better of me.