Monday, July 14, 2008

Wow, so a long week in Jozi, but was awesome to see some old mates, hang out and freeze my goolies off! Hell's Teeth, it was cold in JHB!!

I walked passed a water feature and the thing was frozen, WTF! So worked kinda hard all week, and then on Fri, called up some mates and we all went for Sushi at a cool little place somewhere in region of JHB and greater Gauteng, I don’t know where the hell I am when I am on the plains of Egoli. Gorged on sushi, GAWED I love the stuff, and then chilled over a beer or two, drove over to a mates and watched a movie, on the way home, things really hotted up (cause up to this point shit was quite boring, which I was in the mood for). Drive, drive, drive - flashing lights, "pull over", we hear, no worries, law is law, so we pull over.

Here's the kicker, I am driving Goddess's automatic, my foot lunges for the clutch to find the break, the car skids to an immediate halt, sending the copper on a major swerving action to avoid my, not cool for copper mike, who jaunts over to my jam jar, with a very pissed off demeanor! Get out he choons, out I get, license, I hand it over, you drunk he says, no I am not I say, I blow into his booze tester thingy majigy, it says 0.00, I blow again, 0.00 again, I blow again, 0.00 again...Prick face Mike turns around and presses a few buttons on the booz thingy majigy, he turns to me and says that I am over, the machine now reads 0.05, I am going to arrest you, he says, WTF! I say, then Copper Mike drops the bomb, I WILL arrest you unless we can make a deal...I realize quickly what he wants, how much I say? R100? Make it two hundred Mike says!
Flashes of what I should be saying zoom through my mind, although the constant is saying: he can hold you in chookie for nothing over the whole w/end, FUUUCCKKKK, he has me by the short and curlies, I pay him, and swear later a LOT in the car on the way home.

I mean, the corruption was so blatant, this kind of culture stems from the top down, I would freaking hate to know what other kinds of major corruption occurs at the top of government...people must be skimming million and billions. I just feel sorry for the man (kinda like me) who believes in the infinite good in people, its just a downer, when people like Mad Mike lets you down. The bog wheel turns Mike, it turns.

So Friday night ended in a cock up, no fuss, move on, flew home to Dirtbin, jumped into the flyer and headed straight down to the fam dam who was down the South Coast of KZN for the w/end, WOW what a house we were staying in, glass house looking over the sea, I chilled the shit out, no booze, just food, more food and the odd surf, purrrfect! Sunday was the same, so no crazy shit!

I had a cool little surprise late Sunday, it was delicious!

Adios BIAATCH's.


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