Thursday, July 17, 2008

I have just been keen to use this image, becuase its beautiful.

So I have been travelling like a mUtHaFukA, all over the place, I have just got back from a cold and wet CT, there was snow on all the mountains flying in, quite beautiful actually!

When i got home, i zonked onto the couch, and realized how tired I am, this time of the year and season, you feel drained. Maybe its me, but I jumped into bed early and just could not keep my eyes open to read 1 page of my book (Bob Dylans Autobio by the by, great read), next thing I am woken up to two bergies, killing each other on the street, screaming like banshee's, I thought the fricken end of the world had arrived...I just gritted my teeth and went with the flow.

Everyone is asking whatts on for the w/end, and to be honest, I havnt even thought that far, work is oppressing and I am feeling the pinch of singledom, I need to get out of this slump, I swear girls avoid newly single guys for the fear of being the "rebound", no no, what we really want is meaningful attention with lots of sex, and minimal conversation, I should buy a blow up doll.



DT said...

That is a terrible and sad idea!!! Just don't broadcast that you are newly single! (Always look uninterested - women love the challenge! Sad but true!) It's only Thursday you have lot's of time to plan - without resorting to plastic desperation!

Sunrise said...

Plastic such a cold resoucful material...