Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On Mon night it seems I drank every damn beer and shot in every joint we went too, and now I have just recovered sufficiently from my brain dead state to write this entry...celebrations of our range launch got very out of hand, we were thrown out of numerous whisky house and bar we frequented, hell'steath, that was a big one. I was funneir and more handsome than I have ever been that Monday night, booze really is amazing like that.

Nevertheless, tuesday was a whore at work, a dirty ugly whore and she didnt let up, the worst part was that I had to go to dinner with Dad and Floozy and all her kids, I swear I feel like I am not even part of a family anymore, Dad is still Dad, but I dont feel part of a family, that sucks serious ass, cause we were so tight once, life goes on, though.

Annnddd now its wednesday, and catching up with all the shit I didnt do on Tuesday...I feel like packing it all up and fucking off to a deserted island and living like the lost people.


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