Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A stencil of me...

After my horrible drinking binge, I decided its time to get my summer bod back, damn sociol convention and rippling abs! I hit the beach at 6am, ready to rock n roll a surf and then pound the pavement later on in the arvo. Pity the surf did not comply with plans and the sea was on its head, as I was contemplating what to do, a professional surf team rolled in for morning training, a couple of them are mates, and invited me to join.

Training consisted of:
2km run on the beach
45 push ups
90 sit ups
20 squats - instead of weights at the gym, you pick up your partner on your shoulders!
30 Lunges

Sweet melons of love, my calves cramped on the run, I had to stop and stretch, I am hopeless at sit ups, and now am so stiff I am walking like an old man with rickets or some other dibilatating disease that attackes the very muscles that allow you to move like human being.

I am screwed!

Another highlight, is that I was offered sex, unadalterated strings free sex, and I siad no, when I feel like jumping back on the horse, I can do it myself, with someone that I choose (hopefully they agree). I just dont feel like getting in bed with anyone, I am having to much fun, without things getting messy, cause sex alway fucks everything up. Even thoughI get super horned up at times, it passes.

(my penis interjects)fuck you phone that poontang - you should have gone with that sex...damn you, daaammmmnnnnn yoooouuuu!

At the moment my top head rules my life, not the bottom one.


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