Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a pert little guy, aww you beauty...

A week of weirdness has circulated around me, I feel really calm though, like I am in the eye of a storm. I don’t know if I blundered or did the right thing by hooking up with Ex-GF, we parleyed in a bit of graveyard monkeybiznezz.

Although the actions of impulsiveness have raised some pretty pertinent questions, should we or shouldn’t we? Ex-GF has sorted out a lot of her shit, although still exudes a heart with a lack of understanding, she is a phenomenally beautiful woman, with a sharp disposition, although the stubbornness of her nature, holds me back. I am not jumping into anything and am on the back foot, I will let and see where the wind blows me…

The other weird shite, that has been going down is that we are launching our Winter 09 clothing, footwear, sporting & accessories lines to all the big chain stores, agents, directors etc and all the busy bees have been going fucking dilly, and through it all I have been super chilled and have not been caught up in all the craziness. Not that I don’t care, actually I don’t care, its fashion, and its all bullshit, being in the biz, I see the veneer of all of it all. Starry eyed little wannabes fly through the offices ogling the racks of uber fashion, and I see what I use to see through their eyes, I am not jaded, just realistic now, in my yonder years…Gawd! I have no intentions of wanting to live on an island with a million dollars, I enjoy what I do, I just see through the marketing baloney, and see people for the every day superheroes that they are.

Another exciting little soiree that I enjoyed was the SA showjumping, I watched these honeys on horses gliding through the air, in their tight jodhpurs it was better than the beach with girls in bikinis, thank poo I bought my shades, cause I was perving my eye’s out. Jodhpurs, now that’s a fashion silhouette I can get excited about!

Adios, I off for a surf.


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DT said...

Ahh the bitter sweet reunion with th ex! Just be careful, women can be dangerously manipulitive in such situations - especially when she has been hurt! Good luck I do hope all goes well ;-)