Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don’t you love these new age nuclear families, I mean, you have half brothers, quarter sisters, adopted guinea pigs and a hand me down dog. This is all getting to much for me. Then above it all my sister goes and does a Jerry Springer on me (bless her, its not that bad...)!

My sis, is getting married, when you hear this, you should be: Oh wow, that’s amazing! Not, choke on your food, and scream in a ghoulish manner that you are allowing bad genes to pervade your families happy little gene pond.

Ok OK, the skinny: My sister (K), is marrying RR, in a court ceremony tomorrow, I heard about this last night, she just sprung it on us. The Fam Dam, is in an uproar, trust K to do this, she is a pro at this, and it’s delicious. The perennial black sheep, I love her for that! Then she is having a piss up with her mates, we are all invited to this, but not the ceremony. Mum is having a complete meltdown, Dad and his new girlfriend are flapping, because K wants to have the piss up at the old mans place. It’s too cool, to even put into words :)

This is what families are all about, rallying around, squabbling and making the best out of every situation. I feel as though I am in some Disney holiday flick, at the end everyone hugs and there is a lesson to be learnt from all this: the sum of the parts (K, RR and the rest of the fam individuals) make the craziness that is our family!


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