Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The New Guy

So I started i-new-Work yesterday, like a puppy I lapped all the shit people through at me, slapped a smile on my dial and nodded like an incoherent ijit! Although surprisingly, I enjoyed the vibe that this new place emits, it’s kinda like a hot bed for young energy that knows how to have some fun, whilst working their knuckles to the bone!

I sat in on some meeting that could have been about the merits of a watery soup, although was all about fabricating garments, twirls VS. Rip Chord and Horizons of leather as a new substrate that is going to TAKE OFF! Buuut, with the raising Rand/Dollar exchange this might curb the trend, but the color Pewter is definitely in kids, rush out now before it’s finished!!!! Get the drift; I had no freaking idea, ITS WATERY SOUP TO ME!!

But rad people, def makes the learning easier and more fun.


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