Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fight the good fight!

So a relationship like most issues is based on three hoekie kookie, her side, my side and the truth!

Late Monday night, I had not called GF, as we were on our "break", I asked for the break because I cannot stand the fighting, our relationship had degenerated into constant fighting, for nothing...So she called, and we had the most constructive chat! Emotions were put aside and we went through everything honestly and maturely, it was fantastic. We both realized that we are stubborn assholes, and that the external pressures of life had influenced our relationship, because we had become lazy at working at our relationship. WOW!!!! Takes some balls to admit that!

We have subsequently given it another go, concentrating on making time for each other, as well as time for ourselves.

A mate of mine said something interesting, he told his GF when they got together, "Don’t distance your girlfriends, go to lunch, out etc.", what did she do, ...distance her mates. Why do woman do this, as soon as they hook a guy they focus all their time and energy on the chap, and don’t connect with their mates anymore. Connecting with your mates reinforces your independence, is that not why you fell for each other in the first place, because you liked the other person as they are. Now when the female (now don’t get me wrong some dudes do this too) drops her mates and attaches herself emotionally and physically to the guy, she changes, thus becoming clingy. The worst!

We all need time alone, time to remember who we are, although balancing this with your partner is the all important thing.

What I am trying to say, is that GF and I have come through this I hope stronger...our relationship was on the ropes, but the bell for the end of that round has rung and a second wind has entered, and we shall carry on the good fight!


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