Monday, October 27, 2008

How I behaved, like a drunk raving lunatic!

Friday night started with a very awkward situation, I get to pick up the Ex dropping inappropriate comments and her mate at the airport, as they needed to crash at my spot, as they were going on super dodgy cruise ship The Melody for a cruise to "nowhere", I mean who the hell would want to go on a South African rust bucket, with shitty food, crazy seas to nowhere, no destination to look forward, just rolling ship, geriatric passengers and 12 screaming girl mates. Hell not me!

I just wanted to be polite, let them stay, but to be honest I couldn’t wait to see the back of them. When you see someone that you used to be with ages ago, and then see them again, you know immediately why the relationship ended and the reasons, I could not be with her in this stage of my life, I am a completely different person. What shocked me though was how racist she was, I don’t even think that she realizes, but I was shocked! We did dinner at Spiga, went out for a few drinks and then went home exhausted, I dropped them off early the next morning, and I was really glad to drive away.

What it did do though is emphasize what a good girl Pharo is, she chatted away with the Ex, and she made a potentially fucked night, quite pleasant - what a cracker.

Saturday was all about THE GAME, we got ready, got to the stadium early, I had awesome seats, right behind the players, almost on the field. Myself and pharo swigged beer and bantered with the crowd and got shitfaced at One Stop Bar/nighclub/rugger bugger jol, was a blast. One of my mates managed to talk a hot bulls supporter chick to let us stick sharks stickers on her boobs, man that was funny, this Bulls chick flashing okes with sharks stickers on her nipples, I am super proud of that amazing skill. We didn’t have a car, I don’t even remember getting dragged of the dance floor, we hitched to Billy's and then I dunno how I ended up with half pizza in my face at Spige, but I did and it was the best pizza EVER!

Sunday morning was a day of feeling like bad case of dinglberries, I hung so HARD, so Pharo and I went to Umdloti and swam in the sea whilst the wind blew the hardest since man first walked the earth, but that kinda cleared my head for we had a long boozy lunch at Beanbag, where more and more mates feeling the same way rocked up, we got there at 11 and left at 5pm, NICE! slow drive home and then MASSIVE chill session on the couch.

I need to hang up my drinking boots, I am forcing myself to training tonight, its time to get fit...crap, I hat that word.



po said...

wierd how "fit" and " fat" are almost exactly the same, only the a is nice and round and the i is all skinny?

Sunrise said...

Right now, my fit is fat - I need to change the "a" to an "i". Ha ha, so true!