Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cause and Effect

Ishikawa diagram (is this German or Japanese?), in fishbone shape, showing factors of men, machines (surfboard), milieu (workplace) - (Collegue's head), materiel (other shit that pisses you off), methods (generally anything that opens its mouth and say stupid things), measurement (I dunno...), all affecting the overall problem (ME). Smaller arrows connect the sub-causes to major causes.

The issue of cause and effect has been on mind today, I went Surfing before work this morning and whislt enjoying a good session of saltwater and chatting to mates in the water, although during the course of the session, my board hit me square in the face, like a sledghammer I was knocked down, down to china town. Like the beatdown I got from the ex, I now have another shiner. So here's my question, what did I do my board, to want to whack me in my head, although post the beating, I was in a foul mood, my head was pounding, and due to this I almost chewed the head off the random office collegue that saunters into my office every 2 seconds to "chat", FUCK that guy irritates me!

Cause - nothing to poor ol' surfboard
Effect - headache, headless collegue, grumpy me

Lets hope that today gets better...

On the other hand, I am surfing in surfing contest this weekend, looking forward to that shit, there are some pretty good competitors entering, so its going to be a challenging affair, one that I am keen to do well in! Pharo is going to come down and support, does this make us official now? MMMM dont really want to think about that, its going to well to get into the details.

Wednesdays suck - they nowhere...


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