Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its a war out there, you gotta fight it with a smile on your dial!

Valuations on my abode have been carried out, private bankers are doing their homework, and offers to the Ex are being formulated, I sincerely hope this goes down with no drama, its not necessary, but knowing the Ex, she is so keen to put in the screws on me. She sent me text messages last night that she is sending in her family friend to take back all the gifts that she gave me (1 x patio table, and other bric a brac), I mean how petty do you want to get, to be honest, I don’t give a shit, she must take all that crap, I don’t want to owe her anything. She still feels vindicated against that I have met someone new (lets not forget, so has she), because her whole life, her folks have treated her like a little princess, and she has gotten away with everything, that she feels seriously jilted that I called her bluff, moved on, and met someone else, that I am not pining away like she wants me too. FUCK THAT!

Her brother was sending me text messages saying that he is going to beat me up yadda yadda, WTF is that about, in reality I would clean the floor with that fucker!

AGGGHHH, the good life huh, and through all this, I don’t want to be brought into a slinging match, even after I have been attacked by the drunken ex, heard terrible rumors etc, I don’t want to stoop to any level, and I am not accepting all this lying down, I really don’t care, what she says and does, because the more she does the sillier she looks! I am taking steps, to acquire the house, this is the last emotional attachment she has left to manipulate me with, once it’s done, it will all be over.

The weird thing is that I am feeling quite positive about life in general! Weird huh, and these are the reasons:

1)I received a great offer for next year.
2)Pharo, is the coolest gal, and is positive and well, yeah, I am happy.
3)I have given up trying to compete against the wall's at my current job, I realize that I don’t want to be here, so I am happy to find resolve in point 1.
4)I am going to buy a Ford Ranger, the most manly car in the world, now I can transport my dirt bike and surfboard around, gawd, I will look so manly, I should buy a staffie just to complement that picture!
5)I really believe that the Sharks are going to win on Sat, but I don’t really care that much, its just good to have a town full of people, having a good time.
6)There is some good surf in town.

Yup, that’s about it... C'est la vie, thats life I suppose.



DT said...

That is insanely petty - but it is good, whatever good feeling you had for her in the past, she has successful obliterated by such dumb ass actions! Kill her with kindness, she wont know what to do then!
New Car, new girl, potential new job - that is fantastic news Sunrise!

Sunrise said...

DT you the freaking best bloggasphere mate out there! Thanks for sticking up for me. Not long now, until this crappy situation is behind me and I can hopefully be 100% myself again, with no issues!

I must give it up to Pharo, she has been a trooper, dealing with all this shit.

DT said...

Aw Shucks - you say the nicest things ;-)

You are right,she must be quite a cool women. It's very rare that you get involved with a girl that isn't highly suspicious of an ex, especially one that creates so much drama!

Sunrise said...

Yup, she is cool as nuts.