Monday, October 13, 2008

Highs, lows, flatlines and long lines, it all happened this weekend! Crikey...

So Friday night I joined Pharo, for one of her connections birthdays (The P), The P organized a hellava piss up at Moyo, a great Africa themed restaurant at Ushaka. We ate paka Zulu food, whilst quaffing away like maniacs at beer fest, much to the hallAballoo of our neighboring tables. The P, also paid for the entire thing, and it was his party, a good guy!

Side Story: At Moyo, a girl sitting opposite me was cold, they offer blankets at the restaurant due to its proximity to the sea, (it gets fucken cold), there was a pile of blankets next to me, so I pick one up and give it to the girl, like the gentleman that I am. Next thing I have a Jackie Chan look-alike giving me a the dubbed Chinese English beratement....I figured out, through the dubbing, that his kid was sleeping under the MOUND of blankets, and he wanted his blanket for the top of his mound of fucking blank'ies. I politely apologized and said, I thought it was JUST a pile of blankets, and I did not know that a kid was beneath it, god forbid, if one of our drunk rabble would have dived on this fluffy pile and squashed Jackie's kid....I stretched and gave him a spare blankie for his kid, he was not amused. I saw his point, he did not see my point, we agreed to disagree, but he is a wanker!

We continued on and ended up at Cubana, drinking till the cows came home, and then we ate them, cause I was fuck off hungry after all that drinking!

Saturday morning I was enjoying a peaceful sleep when I was rudely awoken to my mate waking me to go riding motorbikes (I had promised)...Shitballs it was the last thing that I felt like doing, but my word is like oak (I wish it wasn’t), I endured the morning riding, falling, eating dirt and hating life! After which I had to rush home, change and hit the rugby, where I watched the Sharks walk into the Currie Cup Finals! HELL YEAH, I got the hair of the dog off my back and swilled more beer, and was stoked not to be riding, cause even though I love it, it was crap on Saturday! The mates and I hit Rovers after to watch the Bulls game and were met by a throng of hormone induced teens spading their tits off at the sports club, whilst we were trying to watch the game. GAWD, I am so glad to be comfortable in my own skin, with my own opinions, cause those teens did not know I freakin' thing about life, except how to Pop a collar, try and drink and get laid.

I met Pharo for a cool relaxed dinner after at Panzeta, a nice gourmet pizza joint, had a relaxing chinwag about teenagers and their lack of knowledge of anything, and what the fuck is on with popped collars, its so dumb!

After that blackness, I slept so hard, I think my heart stopped. I flatlined...

On Sunday, I chilled at Suncoast beach, I didn’t want to do anything more than lie in the sun and read the paper, that’s when it happened, I saw the ex, with her new beau. I am stoked for her, and I hope she is happy; I don’t want to get back together with her. But after our last meeting where she punched me, I am nervous to approach her due to the scene she caused. So now that she is with a new guy, I hope that she can move on, and hoping that we can one day be able to chat.

So that was my weekend, Pharo is the coolest girl out, and I think things are developing, but slowly does it...



DT said...

yay - love is in the air!!!
The beginning of something new - you lucky man!!!

Sunrise said...

Ha ha, we will see. But yeah, its so cool to hang out with someone new!

Where you been, schmuck!

DT said...

Well enjoy it to the fullest!!

Just flippin busy! Haven't been feeling terribly inspired to write lately!!