Thursday, October 9, 2008

How sushi should be eaten, how fucken sexist is this! How cool too!

Blah, blah, blah, why do we all continually complain about work... I will tell you why, because we not doing what we should be doing! Well, I am hating shit right now, I hate being an idle hand, not using my full potential, and that’s the space that I am in right now. Although the end is in sight, I need to finalize action, thoughts and get onto a path to job satisfaction and wealth, cause lets be honest besides sleeping, you spend the most time at graft, so would make sense to do something you enjoy.

I believe that kids (or me) were not warned enough about seriously choosing the correct career path for my personality. I believe that I have gone about it the best to my ability and cant believe that I earn "this much" money for doing "really" nothing. The thing is that some people might be happy carrying on with this, I get to sit in a cool office, with cool (backstabbing bitches) people, be involved in awesome events, the perceptions are amazing. I have people saying to me "I wish I had your job, it must insane" (bollocks). Although it has been a journey, I need to take another path, I need to get off this one. I think I have found the solution, although its risky, could be amazing, could open up doors that I would not have stepped through earlier, all because I think I am seeing things clearly now. My fingers are crossed for the future, can you hope for anything more?


Anyways, we had the freaking best thunderstorm in ol' dirtbin yesterday arvo, thunder, the works, and I was surfing, the waves were super fun, and the rain was belting down. Makes you feel alive, makes you want to scream out loud, I almost did, but it was quite crowded and I didn’t want peeps to think I was drowning or something...

After cruising back home, myself and Pharo went to a sushi making class, gawd I was hungry and Shaun the sushi guy was babbling on about the origins of Sushi (it started in China, and not Japan - HUH!), and all I wanted to do was chew off the fuckers face I was so rav, I almost did, until Shaun gave me a cucumber to chop, I chopped shit, I ate that bad boy (or some and chopped some). Pharo and I, sushi'd ourselves to death, making and eating. Was fun, except for the sexual references Shaun'o was delivering like a AK47, which had all the woman (I was only one of two men there) in stacks of giggles, whenever Shaun said, "now keep it wet" and "dip it in and out", half the woman, NO ALL the woman there needed to get laid super bad!

At least its Friday, no one has given me my 10 000 000 dollars, but hey, I am holding out...



po said...

Hmm I agree with you about them not telling us enough like school. I ended up studying biology cos I did well at school. Turns out i am 100% not suited to being a scientist. Understanding the theory and actually doing the work are 2 such very different things!

You are making me miss Durbs, i havent had a thunderstorm since, well since the last time I was there!

Sunrise said...

Yup, cant agree with you more, I have bounced around, with semi direction for too long, its nice to know now.

Durbs, I just belong here, I was chatting to some mates over the w/end, and I wouldn leave. Thats just me though. Come on back and experience the lazy genuine hurried pace that is Dirtbin!