Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stimulated to the MAX

Stimulation, its something that I lacking right now, in a whole bunch of spheres in my life:

Working life
Sociol Life
Family Life

It sounds terrible, although it might be the time of year, I feel like I need a freaking break, the kind where you are NOT permitted to think, just eat, sleep and some sort of exercise (preferably in or near the sea).

I am just saying, sometimes you just get bored, bored, bored!

So in I am trying the following:

Joined a beach training programme - run/swim/run - do GI Jane like push-ups and shit on the beach, run/swim/run AGAIN - more GI Jane like crunches - run/swim/run AGAIN, AAAGGGHHHHH, I collapse at this stage, feign an excuse to the lean hunting dog bodies that I exercising with, and high tail it home! But the point is that its different. I am tryin things different...I just wish i could influence my Family life, its so messed up, what with divorve an' all, so that will be my next mission, trying to hang with the Fam stress free, if thats possible.

Work is kinda sorted (next year), have to hang tight till then...Sociolly, I just going to slow down for November, see more fliks, spend time with Pharo, exercise my body more, not my arm.

Lets see how long this lasts.


P.S. Meeting the ex on Friday morning in arbitration about the house, this is going to interesting!


DT said...

I do think it is the time of year! Enough is enough, time to calm down and take stock. Good luck for Friday!!

Sunrise said...

Ta, looking forward to seeing the back of all these issue's! Moving on so that I am not in limbo, so that I can finally put some artwork on my (hoping to be "my') walls!

po said...

That beach training thing sounds aewsome. If I lived near a beach I think I would try it.

Haha, today's word verification is "mingie", In the uk that means gross/ugly, well the real word is minging, but this sounds like the diminutive version!

Sunrise said...

Minger, is a real ugly girl, yeah I work with a bitch MINGER!

Yeah, the beach training sounds all good, until you almost vomiting!