Sunday, March 2, 2008


So, I resigned from my current position, its a very liberating feeling, I have some leave owing to me, so I decided to take some leave. A mate of mine, is like a crazy ass monkey for going surfing in Mozambique, and to be honest so am I. So on the spur of the mo' we decided to leave Tuesday, hit up Mozam, and surf a good swell that was going to be cranking through there! We leave early on Tuesday morning drive the 4 1/2 hours in a delirious state of ecstasy, knowing that we were going to spend 2 days in blue waters, palm trees, crazy ass locals and perfect waves...DURING THE WEEK, WHEN I SHOULD BE WORKING! The feeling is so cool, taken random leave, and going surfing, try it, it rocks!

So we drive up, hit the border, I take out my passport, to get the formalities done, before our sneaky adventure starts. Like a Mike Tyson slug to the face the whole thing falls apart, much most DIY stuff I put together! Lets take a few steps back:

1. I take my passport to SA Border control.
2. They stamped ST's passport, they are about to stamp mine, the guy pauses, looks at me, shakes his head and utter the death knoll to my surf trip: "your passport has expired, you cant go through"
3. I plead, beg, try and bribe...nothing!
4. I go back to the car to find ST already waxing up his board; he is that amped to get into the water, I tell him, he almost (seriously) bursts into tears!!
5. We drive back, what a fuck up, what do you say to your mate, after you have driven for 4 hours, are so keen, and then that! AAGGGHH, life, the quote "God is in the details" comes to mind. Plan properly, enjoy, don’t be a dildo like me and rush.

On a better note, I decided to chill with GF then, we went and saw the movie "P.S. I LOVE YOU", I lost the ching chong cha, and movie-choosing ritual that we always go through and it was her choice. I must say that I was dreading the movie, but was so pleasantly surprised, the movie is a killer, I had tears coming out of my normally rock steady face. It was awesome to have a movie (although still a movie, with all the movie crap in it), show some real life, people you love die, people hurt like hell, you always don’t find someone new. I think the world is becoming more realistic, and liberal. I hope that we all come out OK from this life that we lead.

Adios Biaaatches!


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