Monday, February 25, 2008

Sheez, what a week and weekend! Its been all Power Ranges A-GOOOOOOO.

So I attended a mates engagment party, a beautiful house in Umhlanga, sea views that went on forever, food of every kind (my fav sushi, I vacumed that stuff!!), Durbans beautiful were present (and my ex. cringe, we had a good chat though). ST's (groom) speech was very moving, and all the lass's were snorting back tears. This is what I want to ask, how do we know its all going to last? How do we know that the person that we are dedicating our lives too, is not goingto change the minute we get married and turn into a psycho animal. I understand its about working together, being a team, and all that logical bumpf, how do we know...I think those are one of the cosmic questions like: Why are we here, what does it all mean.

The reason why I ask, is that I am thinking some big things with regards to GF, I want to be sure, I want it to be her. I just dont want to get divoced!

To qoute Roxette: "Life ooohhhh life, ooohhhh life? Da da ada strawberry lips..." (ha ha).

I also spend R14k on furniture for my new house, EISH, crap costs a LOT! AAGGGHHH

Adios, I am spending the day in thought about, why I feel the way I do about GF.


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