Monday, February 11, 2008

Stick it to the man

"Fight the good fight"

The fireman have managed to get a hold on the blaze that was my life yesterday, the kitten was saved from the tree and the mother got her baby back from the blaze of Sunrise's life!

After i trudged home, feeling all the pity and self loathing that the world could dump on me yesterday, I walked into GF's apartment, and waiting for me was pizza, presents, ice-cream and more importantly an ear to here all about IT. What a champ!

We lay in bed, ate pizza, ice-cream, watched Greys. Nice to know that your woe's can be shared by those near and dear. The final touch to turning the other cheek against my oppressor, was hitting the surf early this morning, it shook all the cobwebs off, and I am me again, I understand the emotions involved in yesterdays dramz. It just sucked, but lets move on.

Stick it too the man.

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