Friday, February 1, 2008

What is with the metro-ness of guys going to all new levels, I saw pics of Pete Dorkfuck (Kate Moss's Ex) scoring this nerdy emo looking dude, quite sad really. Where have all the Teesav, sand kicking brutes gone, I mean there must be something in the water, when all these soft emotional understanding wets wearing pink golfers roll around like willing dildo's.

I am over wankers that provide emotional banter of a demeaning nature just becuase it makes them feel better. Be a man, be yourself, just chill out and take a person at face value. If you are an emotional wanker then be one, just dont be one because its in vogue.

But then again, WTF am I doing reading about the homo ways of Pete DorkFuck I here you say...

Anyhoo its Friday, I am off to the Siff Coast of KZN to catch some pearler curlers.

See you in the green room MOFO'S!

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