Monday, February 4, 2008

People are People so what do we do...(Depeche Mode mmm mmm mmm)

So people are crazy bitches all o' them, I went cruising down the siff coast (there are some dodgy looking Mofo's down that coast) with GF, my mate Packet Poo and his girl. We surfed ourself silly, I mean, Saturday, I was up and into the surf at 5am, the birds were still chilling in their nests.

So we get to our surf spot, and Packet Poo, is jumping up and down like a Russian Dancer doing that stupid cross your arm dance:

Sunrise: Hey WTF are you doing?

Poo: Dude, I gotta crap!!

Sunrise: Why didnt you go when we left!?

Poo: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Poo proceeds to grab a packet from the car, sqaut next to the car and let his bowels deplete into the bag, and then nonchnontly walks to the bin and tosses it inside (I feel sorry for the mack daddy that is going to look for food in that bin, as do some of our SA population).

WOW!! What a start to the day, we scored some cooking surf, 3 1/2 hours later we came out with spaghetti arms and huge smiles on our dials. MAN a good surf cleans out your snot box and makes you feel like Mogli the little jungle boy (la la la forget about your worries and your strife, la la la).

Wicked day, but that that poo in a packet thing threw me a bit...looking back why has poo played a role in my life lately?


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