Wednesday, February 6, 2008


SO the gift for GF's birthday was a hit, I am prouder than a trainer of the winning filly at the DBN July! I bought:

A picture frame with a wire thing inside, with clips to hang photo's etc in, I filled the inside of the frame with old retro postcards that I found in a small funky store in Glenwood DBN. She flipped, I am gonna get so LUCKY!! WOOP WOOP!!! THATS NOT ALL FOLKS, she also got a Guess wallet that she has been eyeing for a while.

Scheepers creepers, I think I set the bar a tad high, I FELT DAMN GOOD THOUGH!

She is a lawyer so I hope that gets to chill today safe in the thought that she has been spoilt rotten, and that loadshedding/SA's crime/DBN's heat waves/or any other of Dirtbins idiosyncrasies steer damn well clear of GF today, its her day so she should be FLIPPIN' POPULAR (say with Afrikaans twang to it, its my coolest word lately!)!

I cant wait for tonight, MMM MMM MMM...

HA ha, I feel quite the opposite about my little Lawyer poopsie, freaking funny though!!

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