Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pressie Woe's

Its GF's birthday tomorrow, and I have been scouring the stores that DBN has to offer, you cant just give your girl any ol' thing, you need to be subjected to a criteria that you get judged on:

1) Thought-a-bility
2) Use-a-bility
3) Money-spent-a-bility

And the clincher! Can all her mates: 4) AWWW and OOOOO over it

I think I have played out my boots (I hope)Will I get lucky :), or not :(

OK the nod from her is uber important, although her family is big into gifting, imagine the faux pau if I muck this up?? INSTANT GRIEF FROM PAPA, have you seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (MBFGW), imagine a family similar to this, its awesome, just DONT mess with em! So this little Welsh kid is going to be in the same scenarios IAAAN MIIILLER (see MBFGW).

Schucks, I am putting major pressure on myself, just chill big guy, its all going to be OK!

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