Wednesday, February 20, 2008


SA SURFING AWARDS: LEGENDS OF SA SURFING - My mentor Spider Murphy is far left,the nicest guy in the world!
Apologise about the delay in posting, but have been on BizNuSS. Not that anyone reads this crap, a nice thought though.

So a little re-cap, more for myself...I had the best worst w/end in a long-time, Saturday was spent immersed in the vigour’s of life, I was in a surf contest all day and at night the Surfing awards of SA. Surfers (and this is a no brainer) are really out-towardly STOOPID, the speeches by the dignitaries were awesome, steeped in emotion, predictions and keens to see the surfing industry thrive in our current economic situations. Oh, I also believe that SURFERS are the most optimistic about us SAFFA's in SAFFERING economic climate (he he). The winners speaches on the other hand were hilarious, passionate but not articulate in any way, and the sterotype surfer vibe came out, I cringed, but was super proud of SA Surfing and the Surfers:

Winner # 1: Aaaggghh, shot heeey, sheez, this is like a surfing oscar, so thanks for the Ozzie. Thanks to my sponsors, family and chick heeey. Cool, shot bru.

Winner # 2: (This guy was fired up!) This is Fucking GREAT! YEAH, this is for all the dudes that push the limits!!! Surfing is a lifestyle, we need to push it. LETS PARTY (someone runs up on stage with a bottle of tequila, and they slug it!!). South Africa, has the best waves ever, FUCK, ride them man. We flying the flag of SA, YEAH!! LETS PARTY...(slugs some more tequila).

And so forth, surfers dont wax lyrical, but thats what makes us cool (i think).

We got drunk, had good times. (dum dum duuuuum [hum that])


GF and wake up, she says she wants me to teach her to surf, I understand the perils of this, as every lesson with Ex's has been a disaster. I explained this, will she like looking like a drowned rat, getting dunked, having a fiber-glass missile targeting her noggin'.

GF: Yes, bum (she calls me this), I want to do it for you (Oh FUCK I thought, we are going to fight today!!! AAAGGHHH) [but i gave her the benefit of the doubt because she is so cool about so much of my crap]

Off to the beach we go, unload set up camp, its a beautiful day, the wind is blowing a tad. We get into the water, and I tell GF, that I just want to push her onto a few waves for her to get use to the feel of the baord moving underneath her.

WAVE # 1: She falls off, face plants into the sand, board wacks her head. She laughs nervously...what a cute thing.
WAVE # 2: Catch wave, waves wacks her off board, rolled under water, she comes up spluttering, she glares at me, says something under her breath, I laugh, slap her heiny (not a good thing I head later)
WAVE # 3:Walking out to catch wave 3, wave wacks her again, she goes down, I throw board, to grap her, board drifts into her line of water, she pushed off bottom to shoot up to surface, said baord in way, WACK head hits board.

GF, is now spitting mad, and rushes into saftey of land, where a boat crew of lifesaver are launching a old lifesaving rowboat, and nearly collide with her. SHE FREAKS!!! I get it in the neck that I did not educate her enough about the sea, and this dumb sport. I tried to tell het that I did (dont argue back with a crazed woman - not a good idea). Well we fought all day, broke up, yes BROKE UP (for 1 hour). We rushed off in our cars, swearing under our breath, AAAGGGGHHHH. 3 hours later we met up, made up, and MADE UP, AND MADE UP.

what a weekend. Monday & Tuesday have been in CT for work, saw an old mate on Monday night, had sushi (its crazy expensive in CT, and thats where Tuna comes from - BASTARDS!), then had some brewski's on the street in Kloof street. Was a great night.


Some more shots of the SA Surfing awards.


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