Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boredom is painful, I am itchy to leave and move on...

I have been put out to pasture this last month, and have revelled in the lack of responsibility!! The problem with this (lack of responsibility & work) is the boredom, jeez I hate it! I think that the only difference between man and monkeys is that monkeys are merely bored, while man has boredom plus imagination, the imagination of man is the killer. I imagine that with my time I could be spending my time on a deserted beach reading great book, or just nothing at all...I just do not want to be bored at the office, where you have to act busy, be polite etc...

So I start my new job in less than 6 working days, nervously excited is the term that I have been replying to everybody that has been asking me about my feelings towards starting my new job. Thus after handing over pretty much everything 2 weeks ago, people have left me alone...woo hoo, let me list my "working day":

1) Log in computer, check all blogs. (30 min)
2) Reply to all email (30 min)
3) Make coffee (10 min)
4) Check Facebook, news on what mates are doing, etc. (30 min)
5) Log on and play some FB poker, I was killing it yesterday! (30 min - 1 hour depending on if I am winning)
6)Go out for a 2-hour lunch/do chores/shit on kitchen guy (2 hours or more)
7)Browse web (indefinite time)
8)Talk office politics (indefinite time)
9)Ask people if I can help them with something, but I suspect that they do as little work normally...I suspect I had been doing far too work prior to 2 weeks ago!!

In essence I am freaking BORED, I wish that I could just leave work and have the last 2 weeks off, to just sleep in and chill before I start my job. Cause as we all know, when you start a new job, you have to act all MR KEEN & MR NICE GUY & MR I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I AM DOING (SO I SMILE AND PRETEND). That’s all very draining, thus the need to have a break, do what I want, and get re-charged for the newness of the new job. aint perfect, so we chug along, being bored is as draining as being super busy, you are still as knackered when you get home at night.

Ellen Par says that "the cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity", I cant wait to get out of my current job, as I have lost all curiosity for it, and super keen for the new one, well because its new, and will learn so much (cant wait)!

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