Thursday, March 6, 2008

My name is Patience

People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built. We all experience life's knocks to a degree at some point in our lives, although the powers that be are nice enough to space them out, so that we can deal with them, and survive.

That being said, the cosmos/guy up stairs/higher power is falling off his chair at me, I have had life’s little issues thrust on me like a teenager facing a positive pregnancy test.

My character built slowly over time, I believe is steadfast and true, I deal with reality and understand emotion, but it (my character & patience) can be torn down with incredible swiftness, when individuals tear the ring out of issues that are easily solved by understanding the current situation.

The reality of my situation is that GF and I are going through a terribly hard time with regards to the house renovations. She reacts violently (rightly so at times, I might add) to the builder’s slowness in getting the job done, and the project manager’s inefficiency to communicate. The point is that reacting is not going to solve anything, stressing the point and shitting on people to a degree to get the point across I agree with. The more I try and stress this point of positive firmness on our contractors (to get the job done), the more we fight and drift. I don’t want this, I want a house to enjoy, relax and love.

Love is a temporary insanity, hopefully cured by a finished house that we can enjoy.


(This too shall pass, he said whilst seething with anger...)


Peas on Toast said...

Sunrise - well you speak my mind. I'm not undergoing renovations - (one of my mates is, so I can understand just based on what he has to say), but I am going through some serious strife in my relationship. It's got a lot to do with what's happening right now.

Yip patience is a virtue, but sometimes one has to buy patience when Virtue Esq. left you off his list of chosen people, so to speak.

But yes, this too will pass - nothing can stay the same forever, and the only constant is change as we know. It's progress, not perfection and taking each and every second at a time.
Good luck dude, I hope it all works out for the both of you and your house looks smashing thereafter!

DT said...

Hi Sunrise, strange as it sounds, I am going through something very similar - only it is about buying a house and I am the irrational impatient one - my boyfriend wants to do this the right way and sometimes I feel if I don't intervene his laid back attitude will cost us the house of our dreams! This is causing tremendous stress in our relationship to the point of avoidance and silence!
Goodluck I hope you can find a middle ground!