Monday, June 30, 2008

Whoaaaaa, what a weekend, I cracker JackA, well kinda.

As I disclosed, I was playing in a drinking tennis tournament, held by a division of our work, I crashed the party, cause I have a devastating backhand. I made it too the semi-finals and in glorious form, was too drunk to see the ball, they had these super hot ball girls in the tiniest damn garb ever. Now being the single lad that I am and seeing that its been about 3 or 4 weeks I have done the dirty, well UMMMM my eyes were popping out of my head at these beautiful lithe gazelles rolling balls to me. This was a considerable distraction, that I had to remedy by drinking all SAB stock donated to the event, when SAB ran out, I moved onto some horrible local cider brand that burnt the roof of my mouth whenever I sucked some back, crap balls I got drunk, elegantly I would like to point out. I was in a philanthropic mood, so I gave some lass my glasses, they are now gone, for nothing too show (DAMN).

In my tennis get up (wig n' all), I cruise out to Taco Zulu, a mellow bar, and meet up with some hectic randoms, whom I cut some girls hair off with a bread knife, WTF, yes I say again WTF!!! Shit balls, everything got hazy from there, never the less, I got home safe, don’t ask me how.

Saturday was hellava woozy day, due to the fact that I have never in my life ingested so much booze in one evening, hell I felt like shit! Nevertheless I still managed to fit in a dive, and would you know I shot a 7kg Garrick with a spear gun, we fried that up for lunch with some crayfish and VIOLA' a lunch for kings. The rest of the evening was spent with some mates playing Sing Star, jeeezzz I am crap at singing! Like a bunch of bagpipes with holes in, I was belting out some horrible tunes...

Sunday, on my back, on the couch, had a sweet surf, then on my back again. I love PVR, catch up the weeks TV!

I tell you boozing is the pits, the best when you on, but the pits.


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